How to Backup and Restore MSSQL Databases through WebSitePanel?

You cannot afford to lose your MSSQL databases as it can create a massive problem for you. There are certain methods which can let you backup and restore your MSSQL in an easy manner. This article contains information about how to backup and restore MSSQL through WebSitePanel. You can follow the detailed steps mentioned in this piece of writing for your assistance when it comes to backing up and restoring MSSQL databases.

Backup MSSQL Database through WebSitePanel

Following are the steps with the help of which, you can easily backup a MSSQL database with the help of WebSitePanel. Give them a quick read!
1. First of all, you have to sign in to your WebsitePanel. After signing in, click on one of database icons. Here, we choose SQL Server 2012 for an example. See the image below:
Back Up MSSQL Database in WebSitePanel 1
2. Now, you have to choose and click that particular database that you actually need to backup for future security and safety.
Back Up MSSQL Database in WebSitePanel 2
3. You will see a page appearing in your computer screen that says “SQL Database Properties”. You have to expand the option of Maintenance tools and then choose the button of Backup.
Back Up MSSQL Database in WebSitePanel 3
4. You will see a web page appearing in front of you that says “Backup SQL database”.
Back Up MSSQL Database in WebSitePanel 4
Note the following things that you need to do:
  • First of all, type in the name of the file in the text box of the backup file.
  • Choose if you need to zip the file. This option is provided for you in the form of check box saying ‘Zip Backup’.
  • Replace the actual name of your domain with by going to the folder of backup destination.
  • After choosing the needed option, choose the button of “Backup”.
You need to note that after completing the process of backup, you have to download the file of backup to your PC or the local server through FTP client. You also need to make sure that you remove the file of backup from your server after instantly downloading it.

Restore MSSQL Database from WebSitePanel?

1. To resore a database, please go to “SQL Database Properties” and expend the option of Maintenance tools and then click Restore.
Restore MSSQL Database in WebSotePanel 1
2. A page saying ‘Restore SQL Database’ will appear on your computer screen. And then, please follow the prompts, you will get it.
Restore MSSQL Database in WebSotePanel 2
The process to backup and restore MSSQL through WebsitePanel is quite simple and easy. Follow the abovementioned steps as they will prove quite helpful in the entire procedure.


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