The Basic Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Host


If you plan to start a website and win instant success, you have to consider many factors, among which the primary concern is choosing a good web host. For some people lack experience on site building, they need to rely on an excellent hosting company that provides them with first-class solutions.

There are many sorts of hosting companies in the industry, coming with multifarious services. In this situation, some newbies get confused to pick out the most suitable one from thousands of options. To get around this confusion, we conclude the basic factors to consider in the following, including company’s reputation, price, hosting plan, features, after-sale service, etc.


reputation of a web hostIf you want to seek out a reliable web host but lack understanding about the company, you should make a comprehensive investigation on customer review. This is because all reviews are based on real using experience and reflect the product quality intuitively. For some notorious hosting providers receiving a wide range of negative comments, you’d better keep away from them.

Price – Be Careful of Fire Sale Price

To make the products more competitive, many hosting companies provide fire sale price. For some people have serious limitation on budget, they are more likely to trap in the troubles brought by low price or free service because such cheap hosting solutions always conceal some hidden fees. That is to say, you may be required to pay extras for some advanced features. In the end, the final price is much higher than the original one.

Plans – Choose the Most Suitable One

In general, the Windows OS and Linux OS are two of the most commonly used systems in the industry. For people setting up their sites based on .NET, Windows web hosting is created for them. If PHP and MySQL catch the fancy of you, Linux is a good option for your website. Many web hosts provide both options for customers as well as various plans. In this situation, you need to seriously consider which plan is your taste.

Resource Allocation – Disk Space & Bandwidth

Resource AllocationAlthough more and more companies begin offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth, it is just a relative concept. In fact, the “unlimited” refers to sufficient resource allocation that can meet the maximum needs of your site. Some hosting providers without offering unlimited resource can also give you enough space to create a website only if they are able to provide you with more resources than you need.

Control Panel – User-friendly & Rich-featured

Control panel is a critical factor to build a website for it includes multiple site-management applications and tools. A good control panel should have an intuitive interface that is easy to handle, and also, it must include all needed features to make it easy on website management and development. The most popular control panel in the market is cPanel, which is designed for Linux web hosting. If you determine to host your site with Windows hosting, WebSitePanel is a solid choice.

Network & Infrastructure

Reliability and speed determine whether your site is able to run fast and smoothly. To generate a reliable and secure hosting environment, hosting providers should utilize top-level data center with robust web servers to deliver at least 99.9% uptime as well as stunning access speed. You should check whether the company integrates with high-performance infrastructures, like UPS power backup, fully redundant power, Cisco firewall, N+1 generator, DDoS attack response, etc. Besides, 24/7 monitoring is also a must-have of a qualified hosting provider.

Technical Support – 24/7 Available

No matter which kind of website you are running, professional technical support is an essential element to back up your site. The web host should have a well-trained and experienced support team to provide you with effective solutions. And also, live chat and email are the basic communication channels to contact support staffs, which should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.