Best FTP Clients That Are Fast and User-Friendly


FTP is an element which is most commonly used when it comes to the creation of a website. After you subscribe to any of our web hosting service, you will need FTP tool to upload your source code to the server. In below, we will introduce some of the best FTP clients you can use.

The acronym FTP means File Transfer Protocol. FTP client is such a program which allows you to move your files from one system to the other in an easy manner. By reading this article, you will get a clear definition of FTP and some basic information regarding the best FTP clients which are fast and user friendly.

What is FTP?

what is FTPFTP is an internet protocol which is used for the transmission of files between two computers on the web. Similar to that of HTTP, FTP is protocol app which makes use of web’s IP protocols. This client is most commonly utilized for transferring website files from the developer of web pages to that particular computer which works as a web server. The client is also utilized for downloading the programs and other important files and folders to your own computer from internet servers.

FTP can be used with the help of a very simple command interface. It also uses commercial software which provides you with the graphical interface for uses. The requests FTP can also be made by your own web browsers for downloading the programs that you choose from web pages. You can also upgrade the files in your server with the help of FTP. For that, you will have to login to the server of FTP. The files which are available publicly can be accessed with the help of FTP, which is anonymous.

The FTP client which has a graphical interface for users can be downloaded from the developers only.

Best FTP Clients

Here is a brief description of some best FTP clients which are definitely going to make your work easier. You are surely going to get exclusive benefits from the amazing features offered by these FTP clients.


This is among the best FTP clients becuase of the amazing features it offers. With the help of this client, you can transfer the ongoing foreground to the transfer queue of background. It also contains a note field for websites. The updated version of this FTP client improves scripting, .NET assembly and command-line for you too. WinSCP helps you by providing enhanced working with URL sessions.


With the help of transmit, you can transfer the files to FTP or an SFTP server. It can also help you in transferring the files via Amazon S3 too. Transmit is really fast and this is what makes it different from the others. With the help of updated version of Transmit, you can easily mount your favourites in the Finder without the need of running Transmit. It helps you in dragging the files to SFTP sever and also saves graphic to the bucket of Amazon s3 from the Photoshop.
Panic Transmit

FileZilla Client

This FTP client helps in fixing cashes on the failure of connections. It also provides you with fixed navigation via variant controls in the main window with the help of tab key. It is a highly active program and has now come up with enhanced compatibility with network shares of DFS. It also fixes deteriorated connections with the help of this FTP.


With the help of Cyberduck, you can edit your files with the help of editors that you prefer the most. In order to edit the files, integration with any other external application of editor helps you in making changes in the content quite quickly. You can easily edit any sort of text file on the web server with the most preferred editor application. This FTP client also distributes your website content in the cloud as well. Cyberduck configures Akamai, Amazon and other content delivery networks from variant locations. You can get connected with your server with the help of FTP. This FTP client is amazing and provides you with excellent functionality with the upgraded versions.

Classic FTP File Transfer Software

With Classic FTP software, you can maintain the website for PC and MAC in a highly easy manner. This FTP client is very much stable and very simple to be used. With the help of classic FTP, you can download and upload the files in a quick and easy way. It helps you in secure transfer of files with the help of FTP SSL. The FTP client is considered highly compatible with all the famous servers of FTP.
Classic FTP


A new version of OneButton has been released recently. A lot of bug fixes and new features have been added in it. The most significant changes include new features of editing of your text files. You can also fix the crashed connections by submitting statistics of usage on Panther. It also helps you in displaying fixed issues in French and Italian localizations. German localisation has also been added in the updated version of 0.1.1 of FTP client for OS X. This client is regarded to be among the best FTP clients becuase of its super functionalities and updated features.