The Best 6 Grammar Checkers for Grammar and Spelling Checking


In addition to writing skills, using a grammar checker is also helpful for you to improve your blog post quality. There are dozens of grammar checking tools that make life easier for millions of people from all walks of life, but it can be difficult to know which the best grammar checkers are. Different programs have different features, and the logical answer is that the best checker for you depends on your needs.

In this guide, we explore the top 6 grammar checking programs along with their features and benefits. Go on reading and choose one that you like best.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is able to help you identify your grammatical mistakes and offer explanations for correcting each one. It helps you in locating all the misspellings. Besides, it can also detect correctly-spelled words which are not used in the right place or in the right way.

Moreover, Grammarly also doubles up as your plagiarism checker. It provides suggestions for corrections. Additionally, the web-based program also conducts checks on word usage. Because of these advantages, it is one of the most commonly used grammar checking tools.
best grammar checkers - grammarly

2. Translated Labs

Translated Labs has an AJAX based UI. It conducts real-time spelling checks to find potential spelling errors. It can provide suggestions for corrections in over 20 languages. In fact, it can automatically detect the language of your text. It is based on an open source technology known as Aspell. However, these are the only benefits of this tool when it comes to correcting your text.
best grammar check - Translated Labs

3. Whitesmoke

Whitesmoke can be called one of the best grammar checkers available out there. It has been termed as a writing enhancement program by its makers, which provides checking grammar and spelling, and even syntax errors. It can also provide useful suggestions to help improve your writing. The application resides on your computer and checks the text on any program. This feature makes it quiet beneficial and convenient. Whitesmoke can not only allow you to check all the text in a word by word fashion, but also provides contextual analysis, a feature which is rare to find in these programs.
best grammar checkers - Whitesmoke

4. CorrectEnglish

CorrectEnglish checks your writing for grammar, choice of words, mechanics and organization among other factors. It is ideally designed and developed for students and business writers who need support for advanced writing projects. It also supports style guides like MLA and APA. It has multiple editions including Teacher Edition, Complete Edition and even a Spanish Edition.

CorrectEnglish is able to analyze grammar, punctuation and English usage. It has a dictionary and a useful feature that provides editing suggestions. Besides, it also provides basic tutorials in writings.
best grammar checkers - CorrectEnglish

5. NeuroGrammar

Based on unique algorithm, NeuroGrammar is capable of checking grammatical mistakes in any English document. It takes analysis to an advanced level by checking all noun and verb phrases in for both semantic and syntactic errors. As one of the best grammar checkers, it uses special neural-network AI algorithms for performing sophisticated grammar checks.
best grammar checkers - NeuroGrammar

6. GrammarCheck

GrammarCheck performs grammar checking using an integrated learning process. It will identify all errors related to contextual spelling, preposition, modifiers, quantifiers and punctuation. It will also explain each of your mistakes. Once it has identified a grammatical error, it will provide concise and elaborate explanations for correcting those mistakes.

Some of the other features and benefits of this tool include plagiarism checking, suggested contextual corrections, and access to online learners’ community. GrammarCheck is one of the rare few programs that have been so well embraced by educational institutions.
best grammar checkers - GrammarCheck


These are 6 of the most widely used grammar checking tools, both web-based and download-based, which are prevalent across the world. Each one has its uniqueness, although there are some similarities. So make sure to choose the one that ideally suits your requirements.