Best Image Optimization Plugins to Speed Up Your Website


As an indispensable part of a website, image is commonly used by webmasters to brighten up the web pages. However, some improper images take a side effect on page loading speed, page layout, storage usage, etc. Thus, to figure out those issues, people attach great importance to image optimization.

There are several methods available to enhance the quality of the image, like online image optimizers, plugins, and many more. For some readers are high on improving the images by using plugins, we list the top 5 WordPress image optimization plugins in the following to make the whole process easier.

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is one of the most popular WordPress plugins used for image optimization. We recommend it here for its rich features and the positive influence on website speed. No matter what kind of images you upload to the web pages, this plugin can fulfill the optimization perfectly with lossless optimization techniques.

By downsizing the image dimension, the speed of page loading and backup is improved effectively. Each optimized image can help you save hundreds of KB so that it takes up less bandwidth usage. Furthermore, the plugin is able to run on your own server, so you can improve all the images by yourself within a few minutes and don’t need to wait for a long time to ask for help from the third parties.
ewww image optimizer

Kraken Image Optimizer

This is a powerful plugin allowing users to optimize any image with the help of Kraken API. It supports both lossy and lossless optimization modes as well as JPEG, PNG and GIF file types. Before using this plugin, you need to pay for a Kraken API key, or you cannot start the optimization.

Note that, the maximum filesize is 8MB, so you should be better to size the image less than this limitation. Once an image is uploaded via the media uploader, it will be optimized on-the-fly, making sure that you can get the optimized images as soon as possible.
kraken image optimizer

NextGEN Gallery Image Optimizer

NextGEN Gallery Image Optimizer aims at speeding up a website by optimizing images, especially suitable for people who use NextGEN gallery and make every effort on site optimization. With this advanced plugin, your web pages will be loaded much faster than before and acquire more traffic than your competitors. In this case, the Google Page Speed can recognize all the images on your web pages and rank the website higher.

And now, this item supports the WordPress Media Library and the active theme images optimization in its commercial version, which help you manage and optimize all the images without spending too much energy.
nextgen gallery image optimizer

Prizm Image

The main function of Prizm Image is to reduce up to 70% dimension of the image and achieve high performance of a site with effect. There is no limitation of the image size so that you can submit any kind of images for reduction. And also, this plugin integrates with the Prizm Image API as well as features multiple custom options, such as JPEG compression, optimize PNGs, optimize GIFs, and many more. With such a rich-featured plugin, all the images you have uploaded will be optimized automatically with high quality.
prizm image

WP Resized Image Quality

For some webmasters have a high demand on the uploaded quality and wish to save bandwidth usage, the WP Resized Image Quality thinks a lot to satisfy the needs of users. To maintain the quality of the image, this plugin has improved the JPEG compression-level to make the uploaded images and thumbnails come with high definition. All the procedures proceed on an easy-to-understand interface. Even for the newbies, it is not a big deal for them to optimize an image with the maximum quality.
wp resized image quality