Best WordPress Plugins To Make A Mobile-Friendly Website


WordPress has successfully edged its way from the fringe onto the center stage as the most widely-used CMS solution on the web. From personal bloggers to large corporations, WordPress becomes the first option coming to their mind because of the impressive manageability, accessibility, and ease of use. As with the booming online retail in recent years, the platform additionally turns into the front for e-commerce stores.

Meanwhile, due to the prevalence of tablets and smartphones, the mobile device is overtaking traditional laptop and desktop computers to be a new dominant internet point. It is estimated that more than 25% of all search queries are done on a mobile device.

However, it is also the truth that many smartphone users are frustrated by the unresponsive design and slowness of websites on mobile screens. No wonder why the complaints about websites failing to be optimized for mobile use keep raising from mobile users.

What is fortunate is that WordPress features tons of themes, useful plugins and extensive support that help make your website responsive. So, you don’t risk frustrating your readers or customers; instead, you give them enjoyable experience to encourage them visit your website often, engage with you and convert.

Here are the top 3 WordPress mobile friendly plugins to optimize WordPress on mobile that you can feel free to rely on.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

With WPtouch, your WordPress website will be automatically added a simple and elegant theme when it is visited through a mobile device. You can customize the appearance on the admin panel and deliver a fast, user-friendly and stylish version of your WordPress website to amaze the mobile visitors, without making any changes to your coding or affecting the search engine rankings.

Another advantage of the WPtouch mobile plugin is the SEO benefit. Recommended by Google, the plugin ensures all your theme will pass the Google Mobile test; in other words, your website will be tagged as mobile friendly.

While free, WPtouch Pro is priced from $69 for 1 full year, which in addition comes with a variety of enhanced themes and features.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows system, Any Mobile Theme Switcher makes it possible for you to select different mobile themes for different OS-based mobile browser. The plugin can throw in the right theme for the browser by automatically detecting which mobile browser is being used by the visitors.

Even better, if you upgrade to the Any Mobile Theme Switcher Pro, you can use different Home Page for different mobile devices. Additional features like compatibility with QR Code, W3 Total Cache, recognizing phone number and making it clickable in mobile theme, more user agents are also integrated into the Pro version.

WordPress Mobile Pack

Designed as a mobile plugin for hybrid mobile apps and progressive web apps, WordPress Mobile Pack plugin is able to convert your website into a mobile web application. Supported on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, the plugin will be sensitive to different screen sizes.

WordPress Mobile Pack also for customizing the color and fonts of the selected theme; meanwhile, you can add your logo and graphic elements that are related to your website’s identity. Best of all, the plugin can be easily integrated to Google Analytics.

As a freemium WordPress plugin, WordPress Mobile Pack has a Pro version that features fantastic maintenance and hands-on support and many other social media benefits, etc.

With the growth attention from Google and other search engines to mobile friendly pages, it is imperative to take the right step now. Otherwise, you will be risking losing your rankings. In fact, besides leveraging the power of WordPress plugins, you can have many other options to get a mobile-friendly website. Check the About Creating A Mobile Friendly Website, Here Are Some Tips to find out.