Bisend Christmas & New Year Offer: Up To 83% OFF


Happy holidays! After Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Bisend is offering the biggest discounts on Christmas & New Year for closing out the year strongly. If you miss these last great deals on Bisend web hosting packages this year, you will have to wait for another year.

It does not matter whether you are a new subscriber or a regular customer, and no matter you intend to buy a package for shared hosting or reseller hosting, there should be the most suitable Christmas & New Year offers & deals. Best of all, discounts can be used in conjunction with each other!

If you are looking for a reliable web hosting company to help host your existing website, on the basis of the service length you’ve purchased, we promise to give another 6 months of hosting service for free.

For example, if you sign up with Bisend Standard Plan for 1 year, you can actually enjoy 18 months of hosting service. That is, the price of the hosting package would be reduced to $3.3/mo instead of $7.99/mo regularly; and if you purchase a longest 3-year plan, you only need to pay with $2.52/mo, over 68% off regular price!

This promotion is especially beneficial for people whose remaining service length with current web host is less than 6 months. Of course, if you have more than 6 months of hosting service unused, the promotion is still attractive when taking the rich advanced features, highly reliable hosting environment, and industry-leading cheap pricing included into consideration.

Bisend gives all new subscribers the special coupons “Sign up 2-Year, Get 1 Year Extra for Free; Sign up 3-Year, Get 2 Years Extra for Free”. Sounds very familiar, isn’t it? Yes, we launched the same promotion during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday too.

If you missed the chance to avail the promotion last time, then there is no better time to buy it than now!

Also in the case of the very basic Standard Plan, it will cost you only $2.63/mo on a 2-year basis and $1.77/mo on a 3-year basis. In other words, you can benefit from up to 78% off discounts.

Even better, Bisend allows you to take advantage of the above two special coupons at one time. If you’re a new subscriber to Bisend and want to migrate your existing website from any other hosting provider to Bisend, and you purchase a 2 or 3-year plan, then you can enjoy up to 80% off. After discounting, Bisend Standard Plan is as low as $1.60/mo!

Bisend cares much about attracting and retaining customers. “Buy one, get one free, and so on” deal is the best Christmas & New Year gift we provide with all regular customers.

Don’t get how to use it? Let’s explain to you through the example of Bisend Standard Plan again.

If you subscribe to a 1-year billing cycle, you can use the hosting service for 2 years in practice, then the price would be $2.48/mo instead; for 2-year billing cycle, you get actually 4 years of hosting service, then the price is $1.98/mo; and for 3-year billing cycle, you receive actually 6 years of service length, then the price is $1.48/mo. Namely, the maximum discount can reach 81% off!

Impressively cheap pricing, right? But not the end. You can use this discount in conjunction with the first one to get bigger savings. Assume that you’re already a happy member of Bisend while having a website with another hosting provider in the industry, you want to migrate that website to Bisend for either fast performance or easy management or both, you can benefit from the highest 83% off discounts. When applied the double promotions, Bisend Standard Plan starts at merely $1.36/mo!

If you’re ready to make a killing in the end 2017, this is a no-brainer! But be sure to act quick, as the Christmas & New Year deals expire on January 1th, 2018.