How to Configure Email Account on Android and iPhone?


With the essence of online presence increasing, everyone prefers to configure email account on Android phone and iPhone because configuring an email account on smartphone allows them to keep up with the mails while they are on the go. Although techno-freaks would do it in minutes, the configuration procedure puzzles thousands of people and takes hours of hard efforts.

If you are unable to configure an email account on your smartphone after multiple attempts, you should learn the proper procedure. In this article, we will discuss the process to configure an email account on android phone and iPhone.

Steps to Configure an Email Account on an Android Phone

Configure an Eamil Account on Andriod PhoneBeing the largest selling OS, Android phones have being used by people in six out seven continents. If you are using an Android phone and desire to access your mails through it, it’s time to configure your mail!

The first move that you need to make is dig into Settings and tap on the Accounts tab. Here you will find many options, then choose the Add Account tab. Now, choose Email and proceed to the next step where you have to enter your email address and password. It should be noted that you must unmark the “Automatically Configure Account” option and select the Next button.
Configure an Eamil Account on Andriod Phone 1An Email Domain screen appears where you should tap on General Settings. Now, you need to provide the detailed information about your email. This involves the account name, real name and the email address.
Configure an Eamil Account on Andriod Phone 2Tapping on OK will take you to the Email screen where you should select the Incoming server from the three available options. Now, choose the first column where the “POP mail server” and “IMAP mail server” options are available.
Configure an Eamil Account on Andriod Phone 3Now you should insert the details of your connection, i.e. server address, username and password. Once done, navigate to the Advanced settings and unmark the Use Secure Connection and Verify Certificate boxes. Type “143” in the Port box and tap OK until you return to the Email screen.
Configure an Eamil Account on Andriod Phone 4You have to select the Outgoing server and fill in the details such as SMTP server, username and password. You can enter the address of domain’s mail server in the SMTP server box. Upon completion, you need to dig into Advanced settings to repeat the steps you executed in Incoming Server menu. The only difference is that you need to enter “25” on the Port box instead of “143”. Now click OK unless you return to the My Accounts screen.
Configure an Eamil Account on Andriod Phone 5You will find that a new mail account is listed along with several other accounts on the My Accounts screen. This ensures that your email account has been successfully created. You can now access your mails on your Android phone conveniently.

Procedure to Configure an Email Account on iPhone

Configure an Eamil Account on iPhoneNo matter how much be the demand for Android phones, an iPhone has a different standard and reputation in the market. Being one of the most selling phones in the world, iPhone is used by millions of people. If you own an iPhone and want to configure an email account on it, here is the procedure.

To start with, you should navigate to the Settings of iPhone, where you will find an option on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Now, select the “Add Account”. The next screen allows you to select from some popular mail services such as Microsoft Exchange, Mobile-me, Gmail, Yahoo! and so on.
Configure an Eamil Account on iPhone 1If the email service you are using is not included, please click Other button. Once you select the Other option, you will be directed to the next screen where you should choose the Add Mail Account tab.
Configure an Eamil Account on iPhone 2In the new account section, you have to enter some details such as the name, address, password and basic description about your email account. You must make sure that the details entered are accurate in order to proceed further.
Configure an Eamil Account on iPhone 3The next screen requires the username and password of your hosting account. Here, it is recommendable to use the access domain as it works appropriately with the enabled SSL, which is the basic setting in every iPhone.
Configure an Eamil Account on iPhone 4On the next screen, you need to establish the incoming and outgoing mail server. You should enter relevant information to fill up the respective fields; i.e. the host name, user name and password of the incoming and outgoing server. Upon completion, you must hit “Save”. The entered information will be verified and you will be redirected to the next screen.
Configure an Eamil Account on iPhone 5The mail account you established will be listed in this screen with a specific name. This means that your configuration is successfully completed and you can access your emails through your iPhone.