Tips on Disabling WordPress Comments


Being tired of the spam comments on your posts, do you want to disable WordPress comments? Do you get annoyed when you receive comments on the posts which were published an year ago? If you are nodding your head, it’s time to learn about the methods of disabling comments section from your posts.

Disable WordPress Comments 1You may want to hide the comments option due to various reasons. Popular websites opt for this option when their comments section becomes spammers’ playground. Alternatively, some websites prefer not to have comments on their blog due to any secret reason. WordPress provides you with multiple options through which you remove the availability of comments on your posts. In this article, we will discuss some effective ways to disable WordPress comments.

Methods to Disable WordPress Comments

You can disable the comments section of your website by following any of the available methods. Some effective ways of disabling comments are listed here.

Disabling Comments: Across the Site

Across the site type of disabling removes the comments section from all the posts that will be published on your site in future. In other words, you would not need to worry about receiving comments on the upcoming posts.

Disable WordPress Comments 2To implement this kind of disabling, you should navigate to the Administrator UI and click on the Settings icon. Here, you will find a Discussion selection. Open the Discussion Settings Panel to view a list of discussion configuration. Now, you have to find the “Allow people to post comments on new articles” option in the Default Article Settings page and uncheck the box.

You can also follow an alternative procedure. Here, you need to dig into the Other Comments Settings section and make sure that all the listed options are unchecked. Saving the settings would disable the comments from your posts.
It should be noted that following this procedure will not remove the comments section from posts that are already published on your site.

Disabling Comments: On Specific Posts

You may like to not receive comments on a specific post. Hence, if you desire to remove comments section from specific posts, here is the procedure.
Disable WordPress Comments 3First of all, you should navigate to the Edit Menu of the post on which you don’t want to receive comments. Secondly, go to the Discussion tab and find the Allow Comment option. Now, you need to uncheck this option and save the settings. The alteration made by you can be saved by clicking on the Update button present in the Publish menu.

Disabling Comments: Setting a Time Restriction

You may feel annoyed to receive comments on the posts which were published on your site a couple of months ago. You can disable the comments of these posts by setting a time restriction on your posts.
To set a time limit, you need to dig into the Administrator UI and choose the Settings tab. Here, you will find the Discussion settings under the Discussions tab. Click on this option to proceed to the next menu. Now, you will notice Other Comments Setting option where you can set the time frame by clicking on the “Automatically close comments on articles older than” and entering the desired time. You should save the changes to apply the time restriction on your posts.

Disabling Comments: On All Posts

Disable WordPress Comments 4Situations may arise when you want to disable the comments section from all the existing posts as well as the future posts. Following the methods discussed above would take a lot of time to remove comments section from all posts. Therefore, you should follow a procedure which can remove the comments from all the posts without involving much time.

To do so, you need to visit the Administrator UI and choose the All Posts tab located under the Posts menu. Now, you should navigate to the Bulk Actions tab and select the Edit option. You will need to click on Apply button to proceed further. The next menu relates to Comments and Pings. You should choose the Comments tab and click on Do Not Allow option. Similarly, you can disable Pings by going into the Pings menu. The settings can be saved by clicking on the Update option.

Disabling Comments: Using Plugins

If you do not prefer following the technical methods of disabling WordPress comments, you can opt for an alternative, Plugin option. There are tremendous numbers of WordPress plugins that allows you to disable the comments section from your posts. You can download and install Disable WordPress Comments plugin to disable comments from all the posts. Similarly, if you want to remove comments from specific posts, you should opt for No Page Comment plugin.

However, it should be kept in mind that the Plugin option is available for you only if you use the self-hosted version of WordPress. If you use the alternative version, you will have to pay a considerable fees for getting the permission to install plugins on your site. We have discussed this in one of our previous articles – VS