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We are delighted to officially announce our LinkedIn “Company Page” today! If you’re a LinkedIn user, this must be an existing news for you because you can easily track what’s happening at Bisend directly via LinkedIn, including changes in our web hosting products and services, the newly launched coupons, and many other notifications.

As a business-oriented social networking platform launched in 2003, LinkedIn is widely used for keeping in touch with business associates, clients and former colleagues. Once you’ve connected with a person, LinkedIn lets you access to a list of connections in their network. Then you can have an extended network through mutual contact.

For organization parts, LinkedIn comes with a good chance to increase visibility for the brand, products and corporate goals of an organization. Potential customers or even suppliers are able to research one company on LinkedIn to see whether they’re interested in doing business with it. Vice versa, a company can research competition, potential partners or new suppliers. However, most importantly, and this is also where we choose to launch our first fan page on LinkedIn, the global social networking site gives an unparalleled opportunity for the company to connect with its fans and customers effectively just the same as a face-to-face meeting. Meanwhile, the company can spread the word about its online community.

The Bisend LinkedIn page will be frequently updated with links to useful tutorials and relevant news for Bisend customers. There also may be photos from company activities (festival promotions, for instance) and interviews, but which are only part of the things Bisend will contain on our page. On top of it all, Bisend fans will be able to freely interact with members of the company and each other. Bisend promises to introduce challenging yet interesting ideas on our LinkedIn page on regular basis, so it’s really worth giving some attention to the page, isn’t it?

Also worth mentioning is that Bisend has been always committed to offer customers the most up-to-date information. This is especially important when we experience an event such as a server issue or maintenance that has potential threat to user experience. In order to help customers get our service notification timely, it’s still necessary to follow us on LinkedIn.

Feedback to and from customers has always been put in top priority in the web hosting environment. Particularly with the rapid development of Web 2.0 and the upcoming Web 3.0, we are making effort to shorten distance between our customers and Bisend, and launching the Bisend LinkedIn is considered as a good starting point.

We will also continue to post all of our service notifications on our blog site at and you can simplify the checking process by following us on LinkedIn at