Top Tips to Avoid Your Emails Being Sent Into the Spam Folder


Avoid Spam Folder MethodsWith email marketing campaigns being a significant online marketing strategy, the first thing that the senders of advertising emails think about is the method to avoid the spam folder. The implementation of advanced guidelines and presence of technological advancements track the content of emails to keep the inbox spam-free. In such standards, if you are looking forward to reaching the inbox of target audience, you should follow several valuable methods.

In this article, we will discuss the tips to avoid the spam folder and reach the target audience in an authoritative method.

Methods to Avoid the Spam Folder

Listed here are the most effective methods that guide your emails to the inbox of your subscribers or prospective customers.

Follow the CAN-SPAM Act

Representing a corporate organization, you probably opt for emails for two reasons – advertising a product and enhancing client relationship. When you send an advertising email, you must follow the CAN-SPAM Act that states the ideal things you should use and avoid from mail.
Avoid Spam Folder - Follow CAN-SPAM ActTo abide by the rules, you should not create a false picture by providing misleading header information or deceptive subject lines. Instead, you should inform the recipients about your location, tell them the process of opting out of emails in future and categorize your mail as an advertisement.

Attach Text Version along with the HTML Emails

As HTML emails have more efficiency than text-based mails, the majority of advertisements feature HTML links or images. Note that the increased practice of HTML mails and the spam filters have started checking the content of your email. If your mail does not include text, it is primarily regarded as a spam. Therefore, you should offer the text version to your recipients along with the HTML version. Including the text version also allows the recipients, who cannot visualize the HTML emails, to read your advertisement.

Avoid the Usage of Words or Phrases that Triggers Spam

Algorithms search and detect the commonly used words or phrases in advertisements and use it efficiently to identify spam emails. As the list consisting of spam words and phrases is endless, the best thing you can do is avoid the commonly used promotional words. As the main objective of spam filters is to remove advertisements from your inbox, you should opt for words that are not entirely promotional.

Maintain a Considerable Text to Image Ratio

Avoid Spam Folder - Image RatioYour email must have a proper blend of images as well as text. You should not offer images throughout the email. Similarly, your mail should not be completely based on text. An effective technique of creating a mail is by maintaining a proper text to image ratio. For example, you should provide two sentences of text with every image. Also, optimize the images for better results.

Keep You From Field Consistent

The spam filters check the sender’s address along with the domain, IP and content. The addresses that sound promotional or obscure, such as [email protected] and [email protected], are more likely sent to the spam folder. Therefore, you should use a trustworthy name for the “From” field to create good impression on the filters and recipients as well. Some examples of recognizable address are [email protected] and [email protected]

Request Whitelist Permission

Your promotional emails can avoid the spam folder when your recipients or prospective subscribers give you the permission. If you convince your target audience to Whitelist your address by adding the “From” address to their contact list, your mails will always reach the inbox of the recipients. You can use creative techniques to gain the trust of recipients and persuade them to Whitelist your address.

Follow Authorized Tricks

Avoid Spam Folder - Follow Authorized TricksYour emails should follow the genuine strategies to gain the attention of recipients and influence them to perform the Call to Action. If you involve misleading claims or random characters, such as “F.R.E.E” or “PR!Z3”, your mail can easily be regarded as a spam. Therefore, you should be professional enough in the mail and highlight only the things that you actually offer.

Prevent Purchased List

If you believe in buying a list of email addresses and sending advertising emails to the list, you might get caught! The list of email address usually contains some dead emails and spam traps that detect your practice. Once you get identified, your “From” address may be categorized as a spam or you may also be regarded as a spammer. At worst, you would have to create another address for your email campaigns.

Use Spam Checkers

There are tremendous numbers of spam checkers where you can check the effectiveness of your promotional emails for free. These tools stay updated with the latest guidelines of the spam filters and check whether your email tackles these filters. Once you finish developing an email, you should use a spam checker to know whether it can reach the inbox.

Track the Mail’s Deliverability

You can check whether your mails are being delivered to the recipients by adding a seeded list of email addresses. When you create multiple mailboxes and use the seed email addresses, you can log into each seed account and check the deliverability of the sent emails. Here, you will be notified if your emails have a problem in delivery. If there is any issue, contact your Email Marketing Service to know the tips and resolve the issue.