How to Build a Website in 5 Steps?


As the development of Internet era, many people tend to promote their businesses through the Internet. The first thing they take into consideration is starting a website. Nevertheless, some people who start with online trade may be confused about how to build their own sites to develop the business successfully. Most of them even think it will be hard to achieve.

In that case, we make a guide below to help you build a website step by step within a few minutes. Each step is easy to operate without the need for any technical skill. Even you are a green hand, creating a site is not a big deal for you.

Come up with a Proper Domain Name

Domain name is a crucial adjective element of a website, which is as important as a key to a door. It is just like an identity of a website used to differ from other sites. Before accessing to your website, visitors need to type the domain into the search bar at first. Thus, you should pick out a domain name carefully.

A good domain name is easy to remember and spell. You should avoid using the less common words which are too long or too complicated. In addition, the domain is related to your business and includes the brand name. Once thinking out a domain, you’d better register it as soon as possible in case that other webmasters steal a march on you.

Choose a Reliable Hosting Provider

Build a Website - Choose a Reliable Web HostIn the market, there are numerous hosting companies, like, providing customers with one package service, with which you are able to register a domain name and choose a suitable hosting plan to start a website as well.

In general, a quality hosting solution includes abundant resources and advanced features. What’s more, some web hosts even offer free domain, which allows customers to register their domain names free of charge. To be honest, it is really a good method to save a lot of budget.

Build Web Content on Each Page

Once entering your website, visitors are more likely to care a hang about the web content with interesting posts and great typesetting. In some cases, to make the whole page vivid and understand the content at the first glance, you can add some fascinating images or videos to the test. Keep in mind that only the content-rich website is the way to visitors’ heart. However, to create great web content easily, you need to have a rough idea of HTML and CSS.

Publish Your Website

Build a Website - Publish WebsitePublishing your website is a critical process to enable people to view your site on the Internet. When working out all the web pages, you need to upload the web content to the web server offered by your hosting provider. The frequently used method is to make use of FTP, which is a standard network protocol designed to transfer files.

When selecting a hosting package, you need to make sure that it features FTP. Then, you should submit some specific information to connect by FTP, including username, password, where to upload files and your website address. Open the FTP client and upload files by following the operation tips one by one.

Maintain & Promote Your Website

After finishing the steps mentioned above, you need to check every web page and release early and iterate. For any problem, you should take measures to solve it at once. In order to avoid data losing, we suggest you to backup all the web content regularly. As a new comer on the Internet, you’d better make every effort to generate publicity by means of getting higher ranking on the search engines. To this end, the fresh and eye.