How to Create New Email Account in


With Plesk Onyx panel, you can start to use email service only after several steps. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to create email account and where you can add MX records.

How to Create Email Account in Plesk Onyx? 

Once you have a domain, you can create the email account accociated with the domain in Plesk Onyx.

Create Email Address

Login Plesk-> Mail->Create Email Address
Here, you can create the email account associated with domains.

Choose the domain you want to associate. Tick the default size (1GB) or customize the size you hope to distribute for each account.
For the fuctions about Forwarding, Email Aliases…, you can set up depending on your special requests.

Email Configuration

After creating email account, you can click the email name to manage it.
The default mail provider in Plesk is webmail which supports IMAP/POP3 servers. Click the right ‘mail’ icon and open webmail for this email address in a new browser.

If users need to configure email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, click the ‘!’ icon and you will get below Manual Setup details. Usually, for Incoming mail server , the POP3 port is 110 and IMAP port is 143.; for Outgoing mail server, the SMTP port is 25.
Learn about more details , you can refer Plesk tutorials.

Microsoft Office Outlook is the most popular mail client. You can refer the tutorial of Access from Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 ro learn about how to configure at the client-side.

What’s more, there are other tutorials of email setting up about Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, iPhone and Android. Please refer Access Your Mailbox.

How to Add MX Records? 

MX is the hostname of a server responsible for handling email for the domain. MX records can be set up default in in WHMCS client.

If your domain has not been resolved in our side, please refer the tutorial of Domain Resolution.
Then you can click the ‘tool’ icon to check the DNS records including MX records.

Usually, if the domain is registered or resolved in our side, after you add the DNS record for this domain, the MX records will be added automatically.

If you use the mail server from third-party, in the page of Edit Domain DNS, you need to update the MX records according to the exact information from third-party.

While if your domain is not resolved in our side , you have to add and update the MX records in the name server providers.

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