How to start successful email marketing?


Today, countless apps emerge through social media and push notification is chosen as a part of the marketing mode. While too many notification messages with noise make people fell fretful and bothered so that relatively quiet marketing channel is more and more popular in the market. As the commercial communication method, Email marketing always keeps its important role and it is proved more formal and rich in contents.

Obviously, in the competitive market, without perfect scheme, email marketing will not be productive. Especially for those beginners of business, how to start and carry out the email marketing campaigns successfully is a crucial topic. In this article, we will discuss about the keys of email marketing as well as the effective methods to make the email marketing bring the maximize benefits.

Get Permission

Before distributing marketing emails, we must hold the email addresses database of target subscribers so that our emails can get permission to be sent out to their inbox. Different companies will design ideal ways to get the email list. Mostly, in your website home page, there will be a register option where visitors can fill in their emails and basic information. From the standpoint of subscribers, why they will provide their emails there? You can adopt the following topics.

* What will they get?
* If they will get spam?
* How often will they receive the email?
* If they can get discount?
* If they can get useful products information?

All above questions will be considered when visitors fill in their email address. So, it is better that putting relative information in the website home pages to attract them. For example, you can promise the coupons when they first register with email address; or provide the catalog they may interest; or promise that there will be no junk email and only the products updates in your newsletter.

Be in the whitelist

To ensure subscribers can receive your emails, that your own email address can work well and send emails out successfully is the premise. If they are listed into blacklist, all emails will never be into subscribers’ mail box. Usually, mail server providers will work on protecting your email addresses from being blocked and proving that your email addressed are available. However, they cannot ensure utterly that if your email address will be limited to delivery or not. The most effective way is keeping your email addressed in subscribers’ whitelists.

Some instructions can be put in the top of emails and remind the subscribers to add the email addresses in their addresses book which can tell ISP the emails from you are accessible to their mail boxes again. Some providers like Mailchimp, Blue Sky Factory can provide these instructions.

Keep Appropriate Email Format and Be Courteous

People will receive lots of marketing advertisements/emails every day and already fell apathetic about them. Although you are confident about what you prepare, they will still ignore them. But, no people will refuse smiles; subscribers will not refuse the courteous emails. What’s more, appropriate email format will bring recipients profession of senders and further good impression on the companies as well as the products. That is why we should spend time to study how to edit formal email and what kind of words used in email. For example, formal letterhead and inscribe, standard front, respectful tone, professional words and sentences, succinct contents without any encumbrance, are very important parts in the email.

Appropriate Follow-Up Efforts

When you get the feedback from subscribers in the first time, responding and following up immediately is very crucial. Almost all the email servers are configured with auto responder options and the follow-up email can be sent at once. And the contents should be included the introduction of your companies as well as the schedule of your emails in the future. Certainly, the email should be as detailed but concise as possible. So, it is time to show the strong editing skills in your follow-up emails.

In addition, building trust among your subscribers can bring the email marketing positive effects. In short, you must do what you promised. Imagine that when you are promised to send the update every day, while you have to wait a week or more time in your expecting period, you will feel disappointed and have bad impression. While, if you are guaranteed to get the update once a week, while however, daily marketing emails are full of your inbox, the only thing you want to do is selecting Move to Trash.

Pitch valuable updates

To get more attention and feedback, you have to catch the taste of subscribers. Usually, there will be browsing and order history, you can make some recommendation according to these records and shopping habits so to ensure that the subscribers can receive what they prefer. Putting products link in the email can make the visiting easier and more convenient. What’s more, if your company has prepared some blogs or advertisements to introduce your products, do not forget to paste the links in your emails.

Be remember there is no shortcut for success and your plan need to be step by step and as changeable and creative as possible so as to satisfy subscribers.

Using the Autoresponder

As we mentioned before, autoresponders can help you to reply and give feedback immediately. Besides, it is also a method to supervise the emails and build relationships. Once you have set up the relative emails in autoresponders and subscribers will receive the corresponding once they reply or send emails to your inbox. And based on the sequence function, you can check when and what exact relationship you have built with the subscribers.

For example, when you need to update some new products information in email, the previous default relationship is the proof that you are keeping in touch with your subscribers. It will not make them feel unexpected even bothered by the emails.

Analytics after pitching

Open rate, CTR, and unsubscribes are the standards to evaluate the popularity of your marketing emails. With them, you can know if your emails are in the correct value or ignored like the junk mails.

Open rate is low means they are not interested in what you provided in emails. So, you need to consider if you should change targeted information updates and prepare more attractive and valuable contents next time.

Low CTR may be caused by the unmatched copies. Subscribers are interested in the subject or keywords but the exact contents are not what they expected. So, with this occasion, you need to improve the contents of copies.

When the unsubscription rate is high, it is much more serious. You must pay high attention to it and spend more time to find the exact problems. Check this unsubscription reasons from the first stage and consider why users unsubscribe. Then according to the problems, make a new plan or specific plan for those subscribers.

In conclusion, put yourself in the mindset of your subscribers and try to think how to draw their attention maximum. Besides, depend on some tools to save time of your team and avoid missing the feedback. Now, it is time to optimize your email marketing and begin your new products plans.