How to Use File Manager in WebSitePanel?


With the file manager integrated in WebSitePanel, you can manage your files easily. Before, we have developed guides on uploading files and changing file permissions using File Manager. Today, we developed this guide to teach you how to use file manager to do other things in WebSitePanel. Now, read the following parts.

Create a File

1.Log into your WebSitePanel and click File Manager in the System section.
Create a File 1

2.In the new page, click Create File link.
Create a File 2

3.Then, enter your file name. Next, click Create button to save. You can also enter content for this file if you want.
Create a File 3

4.Now, you can see your file in already in the file list.

Create a File 4

Create a New Folder

1.Click Create Folder link.
Create a New Folder 1

2.Enter your folder name and click Create button. Then, you can see the newly created folder is in your file list.
Create a New Folder 2

3.If you want to change the folder name, click the icon before the padlock.
Create a New Folder 3

4.Enter a new name for your folder and click Rename button.

Create a New Folder 4

Zip a Folder

1.Click the box before the folder that you want to zip. Then, click Zip link.
Zip a Folder 1

2.Enter a name for your zip archive and click Zip button to save changes.
Zip a Folder 2

3.To unzip a file, you just need to select the file that you want to unzip and click unzip link.

Unzip a file

Copy a File

1.Select the file you want to place in another place, and click Copy link.
Copy a File 1

2.Browse for the folder you want to copy your file to and click Copy button.

Copy a File 2

Delete a File/Folder

1.Select the file or folder you want to delete and then click Delete link.
Delete a File/Folder 1

2.Click Delete button to confirm or click Cancel to give up.
Delete a File/Folder 2

3.You can also move the file instead of deleting it. To move it, choose it and then click Move link.
Delete a File/Folder 3

4.Browse to choose the destination folder and click Move button.
Delete a File/Folder 4