How to Install DasBlog Using Microsoft Web App Gallery in WebSitePanel?


A blogger looking for a blogging app may consider DasBlog which is a popular bogging application coming with great features for the bloggers. It is also easy to install this solution Microsoft Web App Gallery, just like install many other applications including Kentico, nopCommerce, BlogEngine.NET, DotNetNuke and much more. Now, proceed to the following parts to learn more about this App and the steps of installing it using Microsoft Web App Gallery.

What Is DasBlog?

What Is DasBlogDasBlog is a blogging application that runs on ASP.NET 2.0 or any other version above this. The app is developed in C# programming language. The great advantage of it over other blogging applications is that it does not require any database. This makes it easy to host and even set up. With this solution, the blogger only needs to grant folder write access to enable it save all information in form of XML.Besides, the blogger can select from a variety of languages for their blog. The application has an extensible model to cover bloggers with different needs. In a word, DasBlog is well themed and easily skinned. There are different versions of DasBlog and it is upon the blogger to choose the one that fits them. You can see the version information on the blog’s web page after you install it.

Install DasBlog Using Microsoft Web App Gallery

It is easy to install DasBlog using the Microsoft Web App Gallery in WebSitePanel. First, open WebSitePanel and login by entering your login details. After logging in, follow the simple steps below.

1. Select Domians from the WebSitePanel menu.

Install DasBlog in WebSitePanel 1

2. Under Domains, select “Add Domains”.

Install DasBlog in WebSitePanel 2

3. From the three options provided, click “sub-domain”.

Install DasBlog in WebSitePanel 3

4. Give your sub-domain a name. You can give it any name you like including your name. In this case, we will use “dasblog” as the sub-domain name. After naming the sub-domain, click “Add Domain” at the bottom of the screen

Install DasBlog in WebSitePanel 4

5. In the hosting menu on the left of the screen, find and click “Microsoft Web App Gallery” to proceed, which will lead you to another screen where you will see this software. Click DasBlog to continue.

Install DasBlog in WebSitePanel 5

6. Click the “Next” Button at the bottom of the screeninstakl

Install DasBlog in WebSitePanel 6

7. You will be directed to a list of subdomains, select the subdomain you created earlier (dasblog).

Install DasBlog in WebSitePanel 7

8. Enter the application URL in the screen that follows. This will be determined by your web hosting. For instance, the URL may be something like

Install DasBlog in WebSitePanel 8

9. Next, enter the blog title, full name of the blog owner, as well as the email address of the blog owner. Besides, enter a username to be used by the site administrator. Ensure the username is easy to remember, as it will be used every time while logging in. Then, type a password to be used by the site administrator twice. After entering all the information required on that screen, click “Install” at the bottom.

Install DasBlog in WebSitePanel 9

10. After this, you will have summarized the process of installing DasBlog and will get a message to notify you that the installation is complete. Your DasBlog page will look like the page below after the installation. Then, you have successfully installed this software using the Microsoft Web App Gallery in WebSitePanel offered by