Tips on Installing MojoPortal Using Microsoft Web App Gallery in WebSitePanel?


In this tutorial, we will discuss the steps to install MojoPortal using Microsoft Web App Gallery. It is recommendable that you should execute the steps only if you have the fair knowledge about the MojoPortal software and its configuration.

MojoPortal has grabbed the attention of many website owners in the recent years, which is as popular as the most ASP.NET based applications including DNN, nopCommerce, BlogEngine.NET, etc.

Steps of installing using Microsoft Web App Gallery

To start the procedure, you must remember the login information provided by your ASP.NET hosting service provider. As you need to dig into your WebSitePanel, you should enter the Control Panel URL and sign in with your unique login details. When the WebSitePanel opens, you can find multiple options on the screen. This mainly involves the presence of important tools, such as Domains, FTP Accounts, File Manager, Database, Microsoft Web App Gallery and Scheduled Tasks.

install mojoportal using microsoft web app gallery1

Here, you should choose the Domains option in order to create a sub-domain. After selecting the Domain tab, you should click on the Add Domains option and further select the Sub-Domains tab. This will open a new window with some boxes to be filled in. Here, you need to create a sub-domain that can be created by entering MojoPortal in the first box. Apart from this, you should see to it that all the other available checkboxes are marked. If not, you should mark them manually and click on Add Domain option.

install mojoportal using microsoft web app gallery2

As a new sub-domain will be created when the above-mentioned steps are executed, you should now go back to the main Hosting Space Menu. This time, you need to select the Microsoft Web App Gallery from the list. In the next screen, you will get the option to choose from various available versions of the content management software.

Next, click on the updated version of the MojoPortal software and check its information. It should be noted that the selected version must be efficient enough to fulfill your CMS needs. If you choose a wrong version of the software, your website may not run efficiently.

install mojoportal using microsoft web app gallery3

That being said, you should click on the Next button after verifying the information. On the next screen, you have to enter the domain name that you created at the beginning of this procedure. Now, you must insert your database information and set a password. It should be noted that the password must be more than eight character and should include characters in lower case, upper case and number. You can click the Install button after setting up a secured password.

install mojoportal using microsoft web app gallery4

This is the last step of the procedure if you execute all the steps appropriately. In fact, when the software is installed successfully, a confirmation message will pop up on the screen stating that the MojoPortal CMS has been installed.

install mojoportal using microsoft web app gallery5

As MojoPortal is a recently developed platform, not many people trust its effectiveness. If you want to test the MojoPortal software before installing it, you can use the demo version by creating a login ID on the site. Tremendous numbers of website owners have opted for this software after testing the performance and interface of this CMS. As a matter of fact, it is commonly regarded as a user-friendly platform with promising features. For this reason, if you own a website, you can install MojoPortal using Microsoft Web App Gallery conveniently.