The Most Common Link Building Mistakes Affecting Page Ranking


Building links is one of most efficient SEO tips and it does work in some degree, because high quality links can increase the traffic of your website. However, if you make mistakes when build links to your site, you are hurting your website ranking. Therefore, it is an important task for you to know link building mistakes may bring harm to your site and how to avoid these mistakes.

If you hire someone to build links for your website, you’d better make sure they do not make any of the following mistakes that will adversely affect your page ranking.

Buy Links

Buy linksTo do link building, many webmasters prefer paid links, which at first work but they may do harm to your ranking eventually. One thing you should be aware of is that Google is very skilled in finding paid links. If that happens, your website will be penalized and a bad effect will have on your website ranking. In that case, you usually lose more than you gain.

Compared with the natural links, paid links usually bring you traffic with low quality. Hence, we recommend you to avoid such links, but try your best to build high quality and relevant links that will naturally improve your website’s traffic and ranking over other websites.

Use Improper Anchor Text

Using anchor text is one of the important factors need to consider when you’re building links especially inbound links. As the anchor text tells Google what the link is directing to, it would be good for your traffic by using anchor texts as many as possible.

However, if you build many links with just one anchor text, it’s very likely that your links will be considered as spam, which will badly influence the traffic of your website and affect your site ranking. Thus, you should always avoid such terms like “click here” or “view more” when you edit anchor texts, because such terms really sound unnatural and artificial.

You can analyze your anchor texts by taking advantage of some useful tools, such as Majestic SEO, Raven Tools, Ahrefs, Cognitive SEO, Open Site Explorer and SEO SpyGlass. They will be of great help for your link building.

Links from Restricted Sites

Building links from restricted sites is one of the harmful mistakes that you need to avoid. There are many non-indexed websites on Google. If you use links from such a website, Google will penalize you, which hurts your website a lot. Therefore, you should make sure that the links you add are from websites that have been indexed by Google and other search engines.

A tool known as Site Map Generator can be used to verify if a site is indexed by Google. You’re just required to input the URL of the destination that you intend to link with your site. If the website is indexed, Google will give its link. Then, it is a website you can link with.

Place Your Links on Blogs That Already Have Many Other Links

Place your links on blogs that already have many other linksBloggers try various methods to obtain traffic. For this, they use plugins, such as CommentLuv that leaves the links at the comment section. It sounds a good idea to increase the exposure rate of your site. However, it’s often useless to put your links on sites having more than 1000 other links. Think about it, when you’re faced with so many links, will you bother to read these comments one by one and click to see their websites? Probably not.

As for the issue mentioned, you’d better share your website link to websites loaded with less than 1000 links. Make sure there is an interaction among other users. Besides, ensure your comment is needed and valued.

Use Image Links Without ALT Text

For webmasters, the use of image links is another way to do link building. However, image links without ALT Text may be a terrible mistake for your link building process. You should not ignore the importance of ALT Text, for alternative text can pass on the exact message to your readers and is accessible on the website. Please remember, images without ALT Text are inaccessible on the Website.

To generate an effective ALT Text for your image link, you should make sure that the content of the ALT Text is accurate and succinct and should not be redundant or have phrases.

Backlinks With NoFollow Attribute

Backlinks with NoFollow attribute tell search engines not to take these links into consideration, which is actually against your purpose. That’s to say, it’s useless to add these links to your blogs if your links have NOFollow attribute.

Google values both DoFollow links and NoFollow links, so it’s important for you to acquire that. In that case, it’s necessary for you to check regularly whether the links on your website are effective or not. G-lock Backlink Diver is such a useful tool that can help you with this task, for both the DoFollow and NoFollow links can be easily detected by it.

Pages That Spiders Can’t Crawl

If your pages cannot be crawled by spiders, their links will be of no use and no value though they may seem good. There are types of pages that spiders can’t crawl, including dynamic pages and pages that have been blocked by the robot.txt file. In these cases, search engine spiders can’t get to see the pages and therefore can’t follow these links back to your website. Therefore, you should avoid using pages that spiders can’t crawl.