As there are various hosting solutions in the market, you may be confused about which is the best choice to host your website. Among those different kinds of hosting plans, PHP hosting and ASP.NET hosting are the most popular service with a lot of webmasters. In this article, we compare PHP with ASP.NET and introduce some main features of those 2 hosting packages, which can help you make a wise choice between vs php


Price is one of the differences between PHP and ASP.NET. PHP is a general-purposed programming language, which is free to use and upgrade. But for ASP.NET, it is a server-side web application framework used to create dynamic web pages. When people need to maintain and debug ASP.NET, they should pay for the service. As a result, PHP hosting is normally much cheaper than ASP.NET web hosting solutions.

OS Compatibility and Usability

PHP runs on various platforms, including Linux, Unix and Windows, which has a high compatibility with those operating systems. For ASP.NET, it can be only compatible with Windows platform. Thus, PHP is appropriate for the webmasters who look for maximum platform compatibility.

PHP is a user-friendly scripting language, so you don’t need to take too much time to change its functionalities. However, to get the rich features of ASP.NET, you need to make a great effort to take a plenty of codes. For webmasters who just want to build a website in a few steps, PHP is a better option. If people are going to create specific websites or develop own interests, then ASP.NET is their choice.

Resources and Supports vs phpAs an open source programming language, PHP allows a large number of developers around the world to improve and upgrade it so that PHP includes a lot of up-to-date resources and powerful supports.

ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft, and the Microsoft developers are responsible to make improvements and upgrades for ASP.NET. In addition, it only supported by Microsoft technical staff.


PHP is highly compatible with various operating systems and it is used by more than 2 million web servers to host millions of websites. Besides, there are some popular sites based on PHP scripting language, such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and so on. For ASP.NET can only run on Windows platform, it is not as widely-used as PHP. Some ASP.NET based websites, like and, are owned by Microsoft.

How to Make a Choice Between PHP and ASP.NET?

On the basis of this comparison above, you can have a better knowledge about PHP and ASP.NET. If the website is based on PHP, Perl, MySQL, Apache and Linux platform, PHP web  hosting plan is a good option to host your site, especially a personal blog, vs php

When developing a website which depends on Microsoft technology, you should choose ASP.NET web hosting solution that offers a variety of Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET, IIS, MSSQL and Access. It is the best choice for the webmasters who plan to host their websites on Windows platform.

To meet the needs of most people, some popular Hong Kong hosting companies provide both PHP web hosting and ASP.NET hosting solution, like This company develops the 2 hosting packages with the latest technology as well as an affordable price.