How to Prevent Your WordPress Site from Spam?


Spam is a common problem to blog owners and there’s no way you are going to run away from it. There are remedies to this challenge, but they are not 100% reliable to say the least. To prevent your WordPress site from spam attack by the hackers you need to configure your page install the plugins that can bar comments that are not necessary in your site. You can set the WordPress in such a way that it can block the stray messages.

Regulating Spam by using WordPress Settings

Prevent WordPress Site from Spam Using WordPress SettingsTo commence the fight to control or regulate spam, you have to configure the discussion settings in your page. These settings are found under settings icon in the left corner. Allowing spam comments becomes a challenge because it opens a gateway for many spammers to eye your site, thus the need to restrain comments where possible.

Name and email

Do not permit those who have not filled out their email and name to access the site and drop a comment. This practice will decrease traffic on your blog, but again it will make your website to load very fast as a result of reduced spam texts that if left unregulated, would make your page heavy. Besides, you need to customize your website to only allow users that have signed up to comment. To do this they must log in first.

Close Hold Posts

You can also prevent your WordPress site from spam by closing remarks older than a month or weeks. If you want to keep comments then you need to reset this plugin or else you would lose very important notes from your followers.

Require Approval

If you want to have full control over your site then you have to hold comments. You can select options that allow you to approve every single comment very fast. You can reply to your clients’ comments if you want to. This option works very well if the site is small and has low traffic base.

Bar Comments with Links

The best way to tell whether comments are spam or not is by looking at comments with more than 2 links, this tells you that it is spam. If you do not need any comment, set it to 0 but if you want to receive few set this to 1.

Fighting Spam by using Plugins

Prevent WordPress Site from Spam Using PluginIf after changing the settings you still receive spam on your site then try the use of plugins, you need to install a WordPress plugin to fight spam. With the numerous plugins, there are some plugins widely used to fight spam. Now, have a check and learn some about the best ones.


It is installed in the latest versions of WordPress hence no need to download. The problem with this tool is that it will cost you $ 5 monthly and therefore, suitable for money generating websites.


This is an alternative that is available for free. Download, install and activate to use. Anti-spam blocks spam completely. If you don’t know how to install and plugin, follow the steps listed at this page.


Captcha is a brilliant plugin that protects your page from comments from machines or other applications. It makes registration long and tiresome scaring away those who are not serious.

How to Prevent Spam

Follow the steps given here in to control spam.

1. Locate the WordPress Dashboard and click on settings in navigation bar page on the left corner.
Prevent WordPress Site from Spam 1
2. Go to the general Settings page and scroll down.
Prevent WordPress Site from Spam 2
3. Check on the box next to ‘Users page’ and ensure that it is registered, sign in to comment. Then, scroll downwards to the bottom left side and click on save changes button.
Prevent WordPress Site from Spam 3
4. Choose the discussion site or tab.
Prevent WordPress Site from Spam 4
5. Look at the box next to administrator that plays a role in approving comments.
Prevent WordPress Site from Spam 5
6. Enter in a phrase or words into a box that will save comments before you moderate them.
Prevent WordPress Site from Spam 6
7. Click on the box button and enter phrases or words to delete spam.
Prevent WordPress Site from Spam 7
8. Scroll to the bottom to save the changes.
Prevent WordPress Site from Spam 8
This concludes the steps on how to prevent your WordPress site from spam.