How to Register a PayPal Account to Pay for the Service?

3341 allows customers to pay for the service via PayPal payment, which is convenient and secure. Many people who prefer to shop online have registered a PayPal account, so they can directly pay for the service on

However, if you haven’t had an account on PayPal, you need to sign up at fist through the PayPal official site ( In the following, we introduce the registration step by step.

Step 1 When accessing to the PayPal official site, you need to click “Sign Up” on the top right corner and start creating your PayPal account. There are 3 options available for you, among which you need to select the best suitable one.

register paypal account

Step 2 Take the Personal option as an example. Click it and enter the information page. You need to fill the individual information by following the prompts. And then, click the “Agree and Create Account”.

information page

Step 4 Enter the code shown.

enter the code

Step 5 Set up security questions.
set up security questions
Step 6 Log into your account and complete the payment.

register paypal account

Step7 When finishing the registration, you need to turn back to and purchase the service via PayPal payment.

register paypal account