Best Tips on How to Secure Your WordPress Website


In today’s digital world, the security issue seems like a pervasive phenomenon happening on most websites. Although webmasters put all irons in the fire, some security threats, like phishing, system information leakage, hacker attacking and identity theft, are still inevitable. To make the website keeping running normally, you would take some effective measures to do it better.

To this end, our editors conclude the following 6 tips to help you secure your website without making too much effort. The following suggestions are according to firsthand experience, all of which are concise and to the point. Our commitment is to help you improve the website security level as far as we can.

Go with a Secure Hosting Provider

Secure WordPress Website - Secure Web Host For some lazybones who don’t want to go out of their way to improve website security, the best choice is to go with a reliable hosting provider who can guarantee a security hosting environment. In fact, it is not hard to do so. Many excellent web hosts have launched numerous hosting plans with high security guarantee.

A reliable hosting solution should include SFTP and SSL, which are used to encrypt the file transfer and make sure the data won’t be leaked by others. Observationally, some webmasters always forget to backup the web content regularly and make all the data in danger. Once the server breaks down, there is no room for retrieving the lost data no longer. To address this situation, some hosting companies offer automated backup service to help customers backup their website termly.

Complicate Username

Once creating a WordPress website, the default username is “admin”. To make things easier, some people keep using this username and never change it again. In this case, the hackers are easy to guess your username and do something bad for the website. Thus, changing the “admin” username to other words is the first step to safeguard your website.

Install WordPress Security Plugin

SecureWordPress Website - Install WordPress Security PluginThere are thousands of WordPress security plugins available be used to detect the security issues on your website, providing you with valid solutions. You don’t need to take too much effort to install a security plugin and make it come into play. For many plugins are free to users and can be downloaded on, making use of plugin to secure the website has become the most budget-friendly and easiest method to realize the security improvement.

Strengthen Password

When confirming a new username, you need to think a lot on setting a strong password, which is like a key to your website. Make sure that the password is long and complicated enough, and also, nobody in the world can dope out it except you. Here, we suggest you to mix up letters, numbers, and some specific symbols, such as “[email protected]$qwert”. In a word, the more complex the password is, the less chance the stealer will crack it.

Update Website Regularly

Secure WordPress Website - Update SiteKeep updating all the web content regularly, which is not only good for SEO, but also good for security improvement. Every once in a while, you should update all the applications and make sure that they keep up the latest version. ¬†Besides, for some software comes with service packs, you’d better download them as well to improve the software performance.

In addition, you need to be alert to any loophole on the website and restore it at once. When going over the whole website, some security issues will surface timely. At this point, you can take measures to solve the problems and protect your website from further damage.

Read Leading Technical Blogs

For some newbies lacking experience on website maintenance, they should read numerous technical blogs written by professional technicians. The articles include every side of website development. Many bloggers allow readers to leave comments below the post sand interact with people to pass on more security tips.