5 Tips to Speed Up Your Website


One of the most effective ways to boost your website traffic is to improve the page loading speed. This is because most people get bored of waiting for a long time to download a web page. In general, the websites that don’t attach importance to speed are hard to retain visitors, so they cannot get high ranking on search engines.

If you get into trouble on speeding up the website and don’t have a useful method to deal with it, we suggest you to follow the five tips list as below. All he suggestions are well-considered and can help you a lot.

Get an Excellent Hosting Provider

To be honest, a proper hosing provider is a must-have to develop your website for it has the ability to provide you with enough bandwidth, high performance servers and cutting-edge technologies. Based on the requirements of the website, you need to choose the most suitable hosting type to power your site.

If you plan to run an individual site and wish to get more development space, the shared web hosting is a good option. For some people aiming to create large websites to promote their businesses and requiring the maximum allocation of hosting resources, they’d better select dedicated hosting. However, the VPS hosing is designed for the webmasters who need more resources than the shared hosting but keep tight control over budget.

Be Careful of Image Optimization

speed up website -image optimizationIn most cases, images are used as an important means of blazing a website because visitors always prefer to enjoy the web pages with fascinating images. However, many webmasters give little consideration to image optimization, which results in a bad influence on site speed and SEO.

Thus, once posting some images on the web page, you need to be aware of the image dimension, alt tags, file type, size, and so on. The improper images always take up a large amount of space, slow down the speed and cannot be recognized by search engines. In a word, the optimized images not only brighten the whole website, but also improve the page loading speed as well as help you boost more traffic.

Make Full Use of Cache Plugins

The web cache is a great method to reduce bandwidth usage, perceived lag and server load for it stores the HTML, images and pages temporarily. That is to say, once visitors browse your web page, the web content they’ve viewed is loaded automatically. When people come to your website again, they don’t need to load the web content once more. In this situation, they can enjoy a fast experience when visiting the web pages.

To this end, you need to enable browser caching. The most common used and easiest way is to make use of cache plugins. There are numerous cache plugins available in the market, especially on WordPress.org, from which you can hunt for the most suitable one to speed up your website.

Turn to Content Delivery Network

speed up webiste -use cdnContent Delivery Network, or CDN for short, is a distributed system used to speed up the content delivery on the Internet. Severs are deployed in different data centers, which avoids the clash happening during delivering process effectively. For the content is delivered through multiple channels rather than one access, the delivering speed is improved significantly.

Nowadays, there are many CDN service providers offering high quality content delivery services like MaxCDN, CloudFlare, CacheFly, and so on. You can pick out one of the service plans to achieve the goal. Undoubtedly, CDN has become a new trend among webmasters who wish to boost the speed of their sites with ease.

Minimize URL Redirects

Here, URL redirect refers to a technique used to allow a web page to be accessed via more than one URL addresses. Or, more generally, it takes visitors of one page to another location waste more time to load the web page where the visitors want to go. Thus, the more redirects in your site, the slower your website loading speed will be. However, if you have to use redirects, you’d better choose server-side redirects which are fast and cacheable.