Best ASP.NET Based Applications Used by Millions of Webmasters


It is easy to develop web pages today, thanks to the many development frameworks available in the market. A developer does not have to start from scratch making their web pages. ASP.NET is a popular framework that is used by many developers in their day to day web pages and app development. There are many applications that have been designed using ASP.NET thanks to its ease of use. Below are the top ASP.NET based applications that are used extensively and which you should try.


This is a solution for developing communication and connection with partners, visitors, members, customers and employees in your site. It allows you to create destinations online that convert visitors to customers. It allows you to attract visitors to your site and lure them into buying your products or services. It is a simple app with great marketing features. With DNN, employees’ intranet becomes easy and well manageable.


This is a blogging platform. It is an ASP.NET project that is open source. It came out of the need for a better and simple blogging platform. Therefore, simplicity and ease of use are some of the attributes of the app. The app is extendable and its innovative design enables users to integrate any new technologies. It comes with lots of downloadable widgets, themes and extensions. You can also add your own themes if you have basic .NET skills. It combines great design with functionality and does not require complex setup or database to get your blog running. Setting up BlogEngine.NET is fast and you can have the blog running in minutes.


This is an open source eCommerce application that changes the look of your eCommerce page to give it a new and enthralling look. The shopping cart application is easy to manage and customize and contains a backend administration tool and a frontend catalogue. The application comes with comprehensive resources, information and support from the manufacturers to ensure ease of use. The application is ASP.NET based and has had more than 1.5 million downloads.


This is a Web Content Manager that offers great features to the end user. The app is easy to install and can be running in a few minutes. The app is fully customizable and has been widely applied by online merchants in their eCommerce sites. The plug-and-play functionality on Kentico makes it one of the top ASP.NET based applications.


This is a content management app that that is easy to install and customize. The app has been designed to perform fast and is beautiful to get your content to the target group without hassle. It allows you to build an online media library from where you can manage your digital assets. It scales all the photos you have uploaded automatically and enables you to crop them in the touch of a button. It makes the photos responsive. It is easy to integrate with other third party tools. It is a good choice for online marketing, an eCommerce platform and for a community. More than 250,000 websites have installed Umbraco.


This is another great shopping cart application designed on ASP.NET framework. It is an open source application that has been designed to perform fast and is easy to customize. The cart system is able to handle more than 1 million SKUs. The app is supported on mobile, tablet and desktop to enhance its functionality further.


This is an Enterprise Class Web CMS that is extensible and flexible and has been based on ASP.NET. It comes handy for organizations in need of enterprise content management and web development platform that is fast and user friendly. It enables newbies in website design to create a website to the design they want without any coding. It supports Visual Studio online like Intellisense. The app gives you control of your coding on HTML/CSS without the generation of external HTML codes. Some of the great features of Kooboo include Workflow, version control, validation, inheritance, relation management, resource management, plugin and module development and themes among others.

Composite C1

It is an online content management app that allows you to easily publish, organize and manage your content online. It is easy to set-up and is fully customizable. The app is versatile and presents a simple interface to the end users. Features like previewing, instant editing, image management, SEO optimizing, visual editing and many more makes Composite C one among the top ASP.NET based applications.

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