Top 10 SEO Tools That Are Used By Numerous Publishers


SEO is a very significant element of online business marketing. When you become a marketer or a content writer, you have to promote a business with articles which provide the audiences with useful information. In addition, the top notch content helps you in getting live in the search engines, web directories and social media network.

SEO can assist you in reaching to the targeted audience, clients and consumers. You also need to have considerable information of top SEO tools if you are a publisher and you want to publicize your content in the web. After selecting the best WordPree SEO plugin and Drupal SEO module, we have reviewed over 100 SEO tools and found the best 10 items. Read this article and get to know about the top 10 SEO tools being used by webmasters and SEO experts!

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Keywords planner works like a workshop which helps you in building campaigns of search networks. You can also use it for expanding the already existing campaigns too. With the help of this tool, you can look for ideas of ad groups and keywords. It also helps you to search historical statistics and allows you to see keyword lists. You can also create new keywords by multiplying keywords listed in the lists together. This is a free tool of AdWords and it helps you in selecting competitive bids for using with the marketing campaigns.

SEO Tools - Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Free Keyword Tools

Free keyword tools are actionable and integrated. They have been designed for help you with the suggestions of keywords. It also provides effective help in keyword analysis, grouping of keywords, research of long tail keywords and discovery of negative keywords. These are really powerful tools which have been drawn from database of keywords and it serves beyond the capabilities of a traditional keyword tool.

SEO Tool - Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye helps you with your search of keywords and competitors’ search too. This SEO tool can be utilized for many purposes. The features of keyword eye include gathering the keywords of competitors, inclusion in the proposals and presentations, searching what people are actually searching for in the niche market, monitoring the anchor text linking and helping bloggers and content writers.

SEO Tool - Keyword Eye


With the help of Optimizely, you can get awesome optimization ideas within a few minutes. You can keep a good track of every such information regarding your website that matters to you. You can have strong control over the project management and administrative facility of your business with the help of this SEO tool. You can easily run several tests on your terms with the help of Optimizely. You just have to press click and Optimizely will get filled with a lot of analytical tools.

SEO Tool - Optimizely

Image SEO tool

This is one of the top SEO tools which can help you in checking the images added to your website. This is done in order to check if the images are optimized for enhancing the presence in the search engines. This tool helps in checking out the Meta tags and titles of the images that are included in the websites. If the images are not optimized, your website is not going to get desired place in the search engines.

SEO Tool - Image SEO Tool


According to a research, users usually leave a website when it does not load in 4-5 seconds. If you want to make your users engaged and really happy with your website, you have to provide fast performance to the users and GtMetrix is going to fix this problem for you. GtMetrix utilizes Google Page Speed in order to give grades to your website’s performance. It provides variant doable recommendations in order to resolve the issues.

SEO Tool - GtMetrix

Search Metrics

With the help of Search Metrics, you can make use of customized suggestions for off and on-page optimization. It also provides you with excellent predictions, which helps you in attaining your objective. This SEO tool gathers all the tools which are required within a platform. The best thing about this SEO tool is that it is personalizes and is really simple and easy to use.

SEO Tool - Search Metrics


Seobin is a free tool which helps you in the optimization of Meta tags and title tags. If you want your website to get a better ranking in the search engines, you have to optimize description tag and title tag. These two components are significant becuase they appear in the SERP.
SEO Tool - Seobin

Majestic SEO

It is a perfect SEO tool which has been designed for SEO professionals, web developers, marketers and media analysts. You can easily search clients with the help of this tool. In addition, it helps you in doing the audit of your websites. The tool allows you to maintain your portfolio in an effective way. All in all, this majestic SEO tool is certainly going to serve your SEO needs as it incorporates the most accurate features, which help you in attaining a better position in the search engines.

SEO Tool - Majestic SEO