How to Use Web Deploy Function to Publish Site with Visual Studio 2013?


A website comes into existence when it is published. Publishing a site means that a website is available to be accessed by the visitors. Every website is published after setting up the initial design and content. There are several techniques of publishing a site, the easiest of which is by using the visual studio publish application. Visual Studio is used by millions of developers for publishing a site because it is a reliable and efficient set of development tools.

In this article, we will discuss the steps to use the web deploy function of visual studio publish application for publishing a site.

Steps of Using Web Deploy Function to Publish Site

You need to execute various steps to publish your site using the web deploy function. You  only need to implement the following steps if you have fair knowledge of visual studio publish application.

Enable Web Deploy

To start the procedure for publishing your site, you should enable the web deploy function in the visual studio application. For this, you need to login into your Control Panel and navigate to the Web and choose Web Sites option. Then, choose the site you plan to publish contents to and click the Web Publishing . You have to select this tab to find the publishing settings. There are various settings present on this page.

visual studio publish application 1
visual studio publish application 2
The username is generated by default, but you can change it. After the password is entered, please click “Enable”. And then the following screen will show up.
visual studio publish application 3You can see “Download Publishing Profile for this web site”. You can download it and import into visual studio, that will make you configure the account details automatically. However, you can also choose to enter those details manually. We will guide you how to configure them in the two ways as below.

Open Web Application

The first method-Download and import “Publishing Profile” file.

Step 1: Open Visual studio

Once you enable the web deploy function, you can proceed to this step. Here, you need to open the web application. The application can be opened by right clicking on the web application and selecting the Publish option from the list.

visual studio publish application 2

Publish Connection and Set Name

Choosing the Publish option opens a new menu named Publish Web. If you don’t have a connection, you should select the Profile tab and select the New option. If you already have a connection, the name will be displayed in this list. Assuming that you don’t have an existing connection, you will have to enter a name for the new connection. This can be done by entering a desired name on the box that pops up after you click on the New tab. The new connection sets up once the name has been saved by clicking the Publish button.

visual studio publish application 3

Enter Login Information

You are driven to the Connection tab of the Publish Web Application upon the completion of the previous step. In the Connection tab, you will find several boxes that should be filled up using relevant information. The data that you need to enter can be found in the VS Web Deploy option of the IIS manager in the hosting Control Panel.

Now, you should fill up the Service URL, Site/application, User name, Password and Destination URL tab. You must recheck the entered connection information to avoid any error in the procedure. Click on the Publish tab after checking the filled up information.

visual studio publish application 4

Database Settings

If you do not have an existing database, you can skip this step and simply click on Publish. However, if you have a database, you should proceed to the Settings tab. Here you will find an option for Default Connection with a blank box and More option. You need to click on the more option straightaway.

visual studio publish application 5

You will notice that a Destination Connection String pop up window has appeared on the screen. You should enter the login information of the database. The login details involve the server name, username, password, and database name. These respective fields should be filled up by entering the database server URL, login name of the database, database password and database name. Now, click Ok followed by Publish to save the settings.

visual studio publish application 6

Upon completion, you will witness that your site has been published. Your site is now accessible by prospective visitors!