What is ASP.NET?


For some new comers getting to build a website, they may not know the basic requirements to start a site. First of all, they need to decide what the website should be based on and choose the best web development method. In today’s market, there are two operating systems available to webmasters, including Linux and Windows. The common used one is Linux which is created on PHP.

However, as an up-rising star in this field, Windows hosting is also popular with millions of fans worldwide, especially suitable for the sites based on ASP.NET. To help readers better understand ASP.NET, we introduce its definition, features and purpose in the following. Now, let’s reveal the secret of ASP.NET.


ASP.NET is a succession of ASP (Active Server Pages), developed by Microsoft. It is an open source web application framework used to create dynamic web pages. Besides, programmers can also build dynamic web applications and web services with this full featured programming.

It supports multitude of language development, among which the first two considerations are C# and VB.NET. For ASP.NET is based on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), programmers are able to used any supported .NET language to write code, which makes the development easier. Furthermore, developers are able to use MS Visual Studio with WYSIWYG forms to create great applications.

Once determining to build a website based on ASP.NET, you need to choose an excellent ASP.NET hosting solution which provides you with the multiple versions of ASP.NET like 1.1, 2, 3.5SP1 and 4.5.

The Advantages of ASP.NET

advantages of ASP.NETWith ASP.NET, there are several web solutions allowed to build, including social networking sites, business websites, web based applications and custom CMS & CRM. Frankly, no matter what type your website belongs, ASP.NET can be a good option for you because of its various advantages that make site building time-saving and effort-saving.

• Security

By default, ASP.NET provides web applications with warranty and authentication schemes to keep high security consistently. The developers are allowed to add, delete or replace those schemes without taking too much effort.

• Usability

With an event-driven and server-side programming tool, ASP.NET is easy to develop and maintain. And also, to make the deployment and configuration simpler, ASP.NET offers build-in configuration information without the need to register components. The introduction of view state helps to maintain a state of the controls between postbacks events automatically. For some users who are not familiar with code, it reduces a large number of codes used for large application building.

• Performance

Multiple advanced technologies power ASP.NET, including smart caching, native optimization and just-in-time compilation to keep high performance on web development.

In a word, whatever the website or application you plan to create, ASP.NET can help you a lot on the web development. It is easy to operate without the need to handle too much professional knowledge, guaranteeing high security and performance. Actually, to make site building easier, you need to select a reliable and trust-worthy ASP.NET hosting provider, like Bisend.com.