What is .NET Framework & Why Do You Need It?


You usually download software which does not work accurately in your computer system. It gives an error message that you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework for the purpose. Most of us are not aware of what is .NET Framework and why it is needed. Read this article as it is going to provide you with useful piece of information regarding what .NET Framework is and why we actually need it. The .NET software which you install in your computer system always requires .NET Framework to run in an appropriate manner.

What is Microsoft .NET Framework?

.NET Framework.NET Framework is a framework which is used to run .NET software that you install in your Windows, and these kinds of software cannot run without .NET Framework in your system.

After installing .NET Framework, a software environment is created and it provides your downloaded software with an adequate runtime for working. .NET Framework can be easily installed in Windows NT, 1998, 2000, Windows 7, 8 and Windows Server of 2008 and 2012 too.

.NET Framework is a very important component of Microsoft Windows which is used for running and creating applications of next generation and services which are based on XML web. This framework possesses an ability to deliver value to your business with a much faster time of marketing. In addition, it also provides services of reduced costs and highly improved flexibility systems too.

Reasons for Using .NET Framework

Here are some valid reasons for you to start designing web applications with the help of .NET Framework:


.NET Framework - ReliabilityThe core achievements of Windows 2000 are taken up by .NET Framework and bring these achievements to new scale. All the applications built with the help of this framework run for a longer time period and are considered very much reliable.  Therefore, using .NET Framework is quite beneficial for you if you are working as a web application developer as all the .NET applications won’t work without it.


The framework consists of features like advanced compilation and catching strategies. With the help of these features, the web applications perform quite faster than before. If you have started using ASP.NET technology instead of ASP, you are going to observe a significant change in the speed of its performance because of amazing features adding in the framework.


If you are working as a developer, then you will see that all of your web apps have started showing improvement in their performance and have speeded up with .NET Framework usage. The features like programming model, work amount handled by .NET Framework and codes provided in the libraries help you in gaining maximum productivity advantages out of it. The framework renders best advantages to you in the form of increased productivity.


.NET Framework - Security.NET Framework contains code security feature which has been especially integrated in it considering present environment of internet. The framework can easily collect a lot of evidence regarding author and origin of any web application. This environment is then combined with the security terms in order to make right decisions about whether to enable the app for running or stopping its access. The framework can also confer with web apps for making the required decisions regarding security and safe accessibility of web applications.


.NET Framework contains COM Interop technology which produces a protection against your COM elements and the applications which are Windows based, which enables you to do programming against them. Applications which are created with the help of .NET Framework can integrate with the already existing applications and systems irrespective of the platform which underlies it.


.NET Framework - DeploymentYou can easily manage, run and deploy your web based applications with the help of .NET Framework. The features like automatic control of version and isolation of applications help you in preventing the issues with versioning. All those applications which are created with this framework can be easily deployed to server machine or a client by copying the directory of application to that targeted machine. You do not have to get registered for the process. You can use this framework for deploying your web based applications to target PCs by just copying the important elements to web servers which can be easily accessed by your users.

XML Support

The framework has been designed for providing an ultimate support to the services of XML web. This is a model which has been created for cross platform and is based on distributed computing for running on variant kinds of platforms. It also offers its services in the form of software as well. You can integrate web services with applications for running on different platforms. You can easily convert your web bases application into website with very simple coding. This is how .NET Framework is considered perfect for providing ultimate support to the native services of Web MXL.

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting with .NET Framework

Many ASP.NET application developed years ago so it’s important to find a web host who could offer multil version of .NET framework from very old 1.x to the latest one (as for the time we write this, it’s 4.8). This is exact what Bisend does, with our ASP.NET hosting, you will get the server to support all the version of .NET framework to ensure you won’t see any compatible issues of your asp.net application. And in case you see any issue, please contact our support.