What’s new in WordPress 4.9?


WordPress 4.9 released officially in November, 2017, coming after WordPress 4.8, is the second major version launch of this year. With some new excellent features and enhancements, WordPress 4.9 is called the most customized version we’ve ever seen. Bisend.com also cannot wait to improve the service to promise users a newly perfect experience.

In this article, we will introduce some of the new features of WordPress 4.9 and how to update to the latest version as well in a stable and secure environment.

What’s New in WordPress 4.9?

Comparing with previous versions, WordPress 4.9 is absolutely the most user-centered design for webmasters to manage and customize sites. Customizer, Widget, Code Editing are the three big features we emphatically recommend and hope you can benefit from.

New Features in The Customizer

As a part of editing improvements, the enhancement in Customizer makes it more convenient for designers to restore and publish the new website contents.

Save, Schedule and Share Design in Customizer

Before WordPress 4.9, any changes and updates of websites only can be displayed in the live website that if webmasters need to check the final changes, they have to publish the contents on site firstly. It is insignificant when making a very small alteration. However, it may be a big obsession when some major changes such as theme or core contents are punished before you are ready to display them to website visitors.

In hence, the big improvement in WordPress 4.9 is schedule. Before publishing, once you make any changes but still need time to perfect or make final decision, you can save them and schedule the display time in the customizer. What’s more, preview link is available to be shared to any registered users without login WordPress again.

Theme Browsing in Customizer

In addition to designs, you also can preview and change themes directly in customizer. Installed Themes For those installed themes, you can review and browse in the customizer page instead of applying and publishing in websites.

WordPress.org Themes With WordPress.org Themes, you can browse more new themes and install them directly in customizer.

Design lock in Customizer

Like the Post Locking function, in the WordPress 4.9, developers has enhanced the security level by adding a new design lock feature so as to protect your contents from being amended by others who can also login your management backstage.

Also, same with Microsoft Office tools, once you forget to save the drafts of your new created contents and close them accidentally, you will be reminded if need to save or recover the previous editing pages or contents in next login.

New Gallery, oEmbeds and HTML in Widgets

There are some new functions being consummated in Widgets as well.

New Gallery With new Gallery widget in WordPress 4.9, you can create and add any WordPress gallery to sidebar, footer, or any widget ready areas you prepare to put on your site. While not being same with custom coding, the function of gallery widgets is also limited as other galleries.

oEmbeds  In previous versions, oEmbeds only supports to add the videos from YouTube and Vimeo to the Video Widget working in post content area. Now, with WordPress 4.9, outside post contents can be brought in and added in the text widgets.

HTML  ‘Add Media’ button , as the fixing of plain HTML tabs , is also one of the update, with which now you can upload images directly instead of writing HTML code as before.

New Coding Editing Experience

Previously, code editor is very simple and plain since there are only a few options in editing boxes. While in WordPress 4.9, some new functions are injected into code editor including syntax highlighting, code suggestions, and auto-completion which can help you to finish the editing easily. With these new features, you can find the editing mistakes immediately; get editing suggestion when you feel stuck.

Of course, the features can be canceled if you think they are cumbrous and unnecessary.

How to Update to WordPress 4.9 in Plesk Onyx?

With Bisend.com, Plesk Onyx provides the auto-update remind in WordPress area and you can update your WordPress version only by a simple click with our WordPress hosting package. (In Plesk, it indicates Update to 4.9.1)

Before the update, don’t forget to backup your current WordPress files and data. It is serious that, in Plesk, you will be reminded to create a restore point for recovering the current status when any hesitation occurs.

Or there is WordPress Update in the dashboard, and just click the ‘refresh’ button. After the update, you will see the Welcome page and start your new experience of WordPress 4.9.

It is the new age for WordPress 4.9. Alongside so many impressive functions integrated into the newly launched WordPress 4.9, there are improvements and enhancements for the security as well as maintenance. We strongly suggest you update your sites immediately. Don’t worry about the complex, tedious manual update, Bisend.com simplifies the process by offering you the latest Plesk Onyx with one-click update.