What is Web Hosting and Which Web Hosting Type Should You Choose?


As a green hand of hosting industry, you may have a lot of doubts on web hosting. When starting a website, you cannot do it successfully without acquiring comprehensive knowledge on what web hosting is and which kind of hosting service your type is. To be honest, it is not hard to handle the basic web hosting skills only if you following the introduction as below.

Now, let’s reveal the secret of web hosting together.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a kind of service offered by web hosts, which enables webmasters to create a website accessible via the World Wide Web without the need to have their own web servers. In other words, you need to host the website on the web servers of a hosting provider who will get paid from you. Then, the web host allocates as many as resources to your website and makes site development easier.

The Type of Web Hosting

In general, there are three common web hosting types in this field, including shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server. Each of them is suitable for certain websites. Thus, you need to make a wise choice on which type is the one to host your site. In the following, we list an in-depth introduction about those three options.

• Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is most common used hosting service that allows you to host your website on a web server and share the resources with many other websites. Usually, a shared hosting plan features high scalability, which means, you can increase or decrease the demands based on your needs. That is a flexible solution for the individuals who start off with a small site and expand the scale in course of time.

For all the resources are shared with other users, the price is shared as well. The shared hosting service is much cheaper than VPS hosting and dedicated hosting, from $3/mo to $7/mo on average. And also, this service is also a good option for people who wish to optimize the website with many addon programs and tools.
what is web hosting - shared web hosting

• VPS Hosting

VPS, short for Virtual Private Server, is a virtual machine provided by a hosting service company. Unlike the shared web hosting, each VPS hosting plan allows customers to take full control of the web server but still share the RAM, CPU and bandwidth with other users. Technically, VPS hosting is a combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting, which provides more resources than the shared one but charges much cheaper than the dedicated one.

For people can hold more resources than the shared hosting, they need to pay more money for the VPS service likewise. It is especially suitable for the webmasters who want to have complete root control over the web server but have serious limitation on the budget.
what is web hosting - vps hosting

• Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting, also called dedicated server, is an Internet hosting service, with which customers can occupy entire web server. And also, there is no need to share any resource with others. As a high-end service in hosting industry, dedicated hosting is commonly purchased by some business, operate or large-sized websites for they have much more demands on hosting resources.

As usual, dedicated hosting is much more expensive than shared web hosting and VPS hosting, around $100/mo. If you aim at starting a website with large scale and require a large allocation of disk space, bandwidth, CPU and memory as well as high security guarantee, dedicated hosting is the best choice.
what is web hosting - dedicated web hosting