What Is Zend Optimizer & How to Install It Manually?


Zend is a framework of web application for PHP 5. This amazing framework gives you implementation of Model View Controller which has been designed for helping you in establishing a structure for your Zend applications. This article contains necessary and detailed information about Zend Optimizer you can get from a reliable web host. You will also get to know how to install it manually in your system as this article contains a step by step guide to its installation. Give it a quick read!

What is Zend Optimizer?

Zend Optimizer is an application which permits PHP for running all those files which are encoded by Zend Guard. This free application helps you in enhancing the output and productivity of PHP tools and applications.

zend optimizer definitionThis tool uses the code which is generated by the run time compiler of Zend and then it optimizes these applications for executing the tasks in a fast manner. The run time complier which is utilized by PHP is very fast and it generates the codes up to two times faster. The applications which make use of Zend Optimizer are able to execute their work in a 100% faster manner. Therefore, it is considered as the best choice.

There are many website apps and programs which can be bought through online are pre-complied with the help of Zend Guard. Various other same tools are used for preventing the process of reverse engineering and PHP code tampering. In order to use Zend Guard, you have to install Zend Optimizer in the web space before letting the code wok in a proper manner.

Zend Optimizer is able to decode and then execute the files which are optimized with highly enhanced and improved productivity as compared with that of standard files of PHP. The benefits of using Zend Optimizer area as follows:

  • The system of PHP is quite complicated. However, when the files are compiled using Zend encoder, the speed of performance of these applications improves. The rendering time of page improves and becomes faster. Your website becomes more responsive ultimately with the use of Zend Optimizer.
  • The files of PHP which cannot contain secret information are usually processed using Zend Optimizer and Zend encoder. This way, the important confidential files are kept in a safe and secure manner.

How to Install Zend Optimizer?

If you have an older version of PHP, then you must have Zend Optimizer already enabled in your web space. The already enabled version of this free tool must look like this:

install optimizer -1

How to Enable Zend Optimizer?

If you want to use Zend Optimizer, you will need to run the new PHP or its older version. There are many cases when you want to utilize multiple versions of PHP in a single account by using the rules of .htaccess. This way, you will be able to make use of Zend Guard for the encoding of your PHP files. When you are using a shared sever, you will have to change the versions of PHP which is used by you accounts. When you use a dedicated server, you can easily follow steps of upgrading the PHP with the help of EasyApache. Then you just have to select to downgrade.

When you will switch the version of PHP, it will load the product of Zend in a proper manner. If you want to make sure that the product has been loaded, you must see this in the page when you are utilizing 5.2 version of PHP along with Zend Optimizer.
enable zend optimizer 1

In case you see something like below instead of the above line:
enable zend optimizer code 2

Then you must have followed the steps for creating recursive PHP files. In that case, you have to ensure that you are doing the editing of your/ public_html/php.ini. file in order to include Zend Optimizer. This must look like this:
enable zend optimizer code 3

In case you are finding any problem in the process of enabling Zend Optimizer, then you must get technical assistance.

Installation of Zend Optimizer

It is important for you to know that the tool of Zend Optimizer helps you in enabling the use of Zend Guard files. Here are some steps:

1. First of all, you have to copy Zend Optimizer from the location mentioned below and then paste it in /tmp
install zend optimizer code 1

2. Now, extract the files like this.
install zend optimizer code 2

You have to replace the name of this file with your own name.

3. Now, create a directory which will keep Zend Optimizer in it.
install zend optimizer code 3

4. You have to move it to some permanent location in your storage.
install zend optimizer code 4

5. Incorporate a reference to the file of PHP
install zend optimizer code 5

6. Lastly, restart your Apache to enable it.
install zend optimizer code 6