What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Setting up a Website?


Setting up a website is a time-consuming and work, and it’s easy to end up in failure due to some basic mistakes. During the process, some inexperienced webmasters are likely to make various common mistakes as the following list.

Improper Domain Nameset up website

A good domain name should be short and concise, which can be simply remembered by visitors. However, some improper domain names are too confused to remember, so that visitors are not able to return to your website.

Profit-generating Ad Overload

Some small business websites choose to serve ads or affiliate marketing to make profits. It seems that more ads can get more clicks, more conversions and greater profits. Actually, visitors are sick of those annoying advertisements on the web page.

Impractical Visual Layout

Many new webmasters are likely to make common layout mistakes: too crowded, overly complex, too graphic intensive, low contrast, poor font choices and so on. However, a good and practical layout should be intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and readable.

Broken Linksset up website

Links serve as the backbone of a site’s navigation system and also a crucial component of SEO. People are difficult to visit the website with broken links. Besides, defective links cause lower placement in search results.

Improper Use of Images and Other Media

Images and other media can enrich the website content and also makes it attractive. You need to make sure that the images contain ALT text, while video and music include text descriptions, which have SEO value.

No Social Media Integration

Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on, has become a major component of the web experience. What’s more, websites should host a RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication feed), which can help webmasters update the web page and visitors can browse latest content.

Non-relevant Content

The content should be related to the theme of your website. Visitors can be confused about some off-topic content, so that they are not able to get the point about what your business focus on.

Delayed SEOset up website

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the way to get your site a higher rank in search results to increase traffic. Some webmasters do not usually optimize their websites with SEO, as a result, the websites are not able to get a high ranking on the search engine.

The tips mentioned above are a part of mistakes that some webmasters always make when setting up a website. Before creating a website, you are required to make a plan and search a tutorial about how to start a website, which can save you a lot of work.