What’s the Pros and Cons of Windows VPS Hosting?


VPS hosting is an increasingly popular web hosting type that partitions a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each virtual server independently runs a private environment and doesn’t be affected by its counterparts.

Specifically, a VPS hosting usually has its copy of operating system, therefore a user getting access to the host OS is allowed to install software which are compatible with the OS the host uses. For example, people who go with a Windows VPS can feel free to build a nopCommerce, Umbraco, and DotNetNuke website.

However, it can be challenging when it comes to choosing a reliable yet affordable Windows VPS hosting, especially in the situation where there are so many cloud hosting providers boasting about multiple platforms supported but who are less specialized in terms of storage and other services. To solve the problem and find the most suitable package, you should have a good understanding of pros and cons of Windows VPS hosting at least.

Pros of Windows VPS Hosting

  • Windows VPS hosting gives you more control over the settings on your Windows installation. In most cases, you can have full administrator access to the server to specify the exact settings to ensure your application run at peak performance on your Windows VPS.
  • Windows VPS hosting delivers faster speed experience while decreasing downtime in comparison with shared ASP.NET hosting. Due to that, you don’t worry about your visitors having difficulty accessing your website.

Cons of Windows VPS Hosting

It is reasonable that the best Windows VPS hosting often costs more than a shared ASP.NET hosting plan.

It may not be that expensive if you go with a common or low quality Windows VPS hosting service, your resources may not be allocated be properly, which may cause serious problems when you manage your website.

When Do You Need Upgrade to Windows VPS Hosting?

If you’ve just started a personal blog site, then there seems no need to get Windows VPS hosting because a shared hosting plan can fully meet your needs. In addition to website type, there are many other factors you should take into consideration when evaluate whether or not you need host your websites on Windows VPS hosting.

  1. Security

If you’re looking to enhanced security features, more backup space, advanced monitoring capabilities, or improved website reliability, you may want to consider Windows VPS hosting for reliable resources as well as top-notch security solutions.

  1. Website Traffic

When your audience is consistently growing, and your website is running slowly, you need switch to Windows VPS hosting.

  1. E-Commerce

The moment you plan to run an online store is the moment you upgrade your hosting plan. With Windows VPS hosting, you can have access to a more secure and dedicated hosting environment, which comes with higher possibility to help you pass a PCI compliance test. Beyond that, only when you are confident about the safety of your customers’ sensitive information, can they trust your website and submit credit card numbers or other financial information onto your website.

  1. Custom Software

If you need to make use of custom server configuration, install custom software, or engage in other advanced programming, hosting your website on a Windows VPS platform is recommended.

Likewise, some standard bookkeeping, billing, tax alike integrative programs require not only high-speed internet but also around-the-clock server availability. If you’re running such applications, you should consider upgrading to a Windows VPS hosting plan instead of staying with a shared server.

  1. Build Websites for Clients

If your job is building websites for clients and you don’t want to purchase individual shared plans again and again, you can buy a Windows VPS hosting package that support hosting an unlimited number of domains. The solution also simplifies the management of each domain from a separate account while get you assured of ample RAM for every website to function properly.

  1. Budget

All above problems can also be solved by upgrading to a Windows dedicated hosting plan. So, why you need a Windows VPS hosting service? The answer, without any doubt, is budget. If you do some research, you will find that Windows dedicated servers charge for a much higher price level than Windows VPS hosting.

So, if you demand for more bandwidth, RAM, and an increased security solution, but don’t have much money to invest into it, you should opt for Windows VPS hosting. Take Host4ASP.NET as an example, our Barebone VPS is billed at $48.95/mo originally, but now you only need to pay with $38.95/mo, along with 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 60GB SSD storage, 1TB transfer, 1 dedicated IP, server admin access, and free Plesk Onyx license included.


No matter how many disadvantages that Windows VPS hosting has that may affect hosting customer experience, getting the best Windows VPS hosting services can be helpful in preventing or minimizing the occurrence of these issues as you go along. Therefore, if you’re a business that run a a high-traffic website or a complex application, going with a reliable Windows VPS hosting provider should be a wise move you make.