Windows VS Linux – Should You Choose a Windows or Linux Web Hosting?


In today’s hosting industry, Linux hosting service is the mainstream of most web hosts. However, as an up-rising star in this field, Windows hosting enjoys equal popularity with Linux. Either of them has its own merits and characteristics, well suitable for different websites. For some people lacking knowledge on the distinctions between those two web hosting operating systems, we make an in-depth comparison in below which highlights the aspects of cost, usability, specific features, and control panel.

What Are They?

Windows operating system is released by Microsoft. All versions of operating systems are under the name of Windows server and the latest one is Windows Server 2012 R2. Linux is a UNIX-like operating system adopted by most hosting providers worldwide, which is a model of open source software distribution and development.


Windows VS Linux - CostIt is observed that most Linux hosting solutions are cheaper than the services offered by Windows hosting providers. The common Linux versions are free to distribute and download. Even for some priced versions, they are cheaper than Windows OS. Under this condition, the web hosts don’t need to spend too much money generating a Linux hosting plan. Thus, Linux is favored by most individuals and bloggers to create small and medium websites.

However, for different versions of Windows OS, people should pay for a price from $50 to $450, which increases the costs to deploy a Windows hosting package. That’s the main reason why Windows hosting is often more expensive than Linux hosting. The main client base of Windows hosting is corporations and enterprises.

Specific Features

Basically, Windows hosting is designed for the websites based on ASP.NET, ASP Classic, Microsoft Access or MS SQL. And also, some reliable Windows hosting solutions include visual basic development, C#, dedicated application pool, Silverlight, etc. What’s more, the remote desktop, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint are also available for webmasters who have higher demands on Windows hosting features.

Linux web hosting features PHP, MySQL and some blogging software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, b2evolution, and so on. If your website is built on those items, Linux hosting is created for you. However, there are some reliable Windows hosting providers, like, also offering the latest version of PHP and MySQL as well as the one-click installation for the most popular blogging software.

Control Panel

cPanel, WebSitePanel, and Plesk are three most popular control panels in the industry, among which cPanel is suitable for Linux web hosting, WebSitePanel is used to manage Windows based websites, and Plesk goes for both of the two operating systems.

• cPanel

This control panel is recognized as the best option to manage websites, which is easy to handle and understand. On the graphic user interface, you can recognize the targeted applications at a glance and install them with a few clicks.

• WebSitePanel

WebSitePanel is a favorite for most Windows hosting providers featuring full compatibility. You are allowed to modify any feature to fit your business and take full control over the website. The WebSitePanel community is responsible for lending you a hand to solve any difficulties and providing you with a platform to communicate with some experienced providers.

• Plesk

Plesk has been adopted by many well-known hosting companies, like HostGator, for its advanced features and understandable user interface. In general, it is used to manage files, create FTP accounts, backup web content, and so on.

Security – Both Are Trustworthy

In terms of security, it is hard to separate the high and low between those two operating systems. The developers have made a great improvement on the security level over the years so that both operating systems can prevent the vulnerabilities, viruses and other attacks effectively.