Best WordPress Database Plugin for MySQL Optimization


Your WordPress MySQL database stores all your content related to your site – from your blog posts to webpages to all the comments to your custom posts and links. It will also store settings for your plugin, site and theme. With time, your site is going to grow larger and so is its database. When the database grows larger, it is going to affect your site’s performance.

The server will take more time to retrieve required information from the tables. It is not easy to manage your database manually. Therefore, we suggest you to install an efficient and powerful WordPress database plugin to manage and optimize your site’s database. In below, we have selected 7 popular WordPress database plugins to make it easier for you to manage things.

1. WordPress Database Reset

WordPress Database Reset gives you an easy way to reset your database to the WordPress state immediately after the installation. In other words, it allows reinstatement of the database to its initial settings without the need for re-installing WordPress. It can be used by both plugin and theme developers. You can use this plugin for erasing all excess junk from the wp_options table that has accumulated over a period of time.
WordPress Database Reset

2. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

This is a single-click WordPress database cleaner and optimizer. It will delete all redundant post/page revision that can take up a lot of space. Some of the optional features in this plugin include being able to delete all trashed pages, comments & posts, spammed comments, unused tags, pingbacks, expired transients, trackbacks, and orphan postmeta items.
Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

3. Participants Database

The plugin provides you with all the functionality you require for building and maintaining your database made up of people. It is ideally suited for database comprising of members, participants, admin backend, CSV support, custom lists and signup forms. It is fully customizable, so that you can define the fields in which the records are to be stored.

You can enter the records one by one within the admin section, allowing people to create their records or import using a CSV file. It makes it possible to sort and filter records by fields and also lets you to export the resulting records as CSV files.
Participants Database

4. WP Clean Up Optimizer

This WordPress database plugin helps optimize WordPress and clean all the outdated data. It allows scheduling processes like database optimization, repairing, cleaning and deleting. All this can be done without the need to use phpMyAdmin.

WP Clean Up Optimizer can optimize your WordPress database in many ways. It can remove all the revision, spam and trash comments, drafts/auto drafts, moderated comments, orphan commentmeta/postmeta/relationships, and dashboard transient feed. It will reform your database and also keep it safe.
WP Clean Up Optimizer

5. WP Database Optimizer

WP Database Optimizer enables automated and scheduled optimization of your WP database. You could also schedule the duration between the automatic optimizations. You are always creating and deleting posts, and this leaves tons of deleted entries that can slow down the performance of your database. With the WP Database Optimizer, there is no need to regularly clear this unwanted accumulation of entries.

What’s more, WP Database Optimizer allows you to optimize your WP tables through scheduling its cleaning. It works by using the WP Database Class, so you can also set the number of days after which it should carry out the optimization.
WP Database Optimizer

6. WP-DBManager

This is a powerful plugin for managing your WordPress database. You could perform a variety of functions using this WP plugin including optimize your database, backup your database, repair your database, restore your database, drop or empty the tables, delete the backup database, and run specific queries. Moreover, WP-DBManager also allows automated schedule for database repair, optimization and backup.

7. WPDBSpringClean

Most plugins will leave your database tables “unclean” after they have been uninstalled. They will leave tables in the database even when the files/folders have been deleted. WPDBSpringClean will scan your WP and identify all unused tables from uninstalled plugins. Once it has identified the tables, it will delete them. It also allows you to optimize the DB Tab.

WPDBSpringClean will also optimize your WP database tables. Your DB tables are continuously being updated with deletions and additions. The tables will gradually have spaces which cannot be used because they are occupied. This results in fragmented and less efficient DB tables. But you can use this plugin to identify these tables and delete the occupied unused space. It also offers optional search functions to find such unused space within WP database tables.