Writing Tips for Better Web Content


Quality web content is an important element to blaze a website, from which visitors can get the information that they are searching for. It has been as critical as image optimization. If the posts are readable enough, people will count on the high quality content and become big fans of your website. We have to say it is a good way to boost the website traffic.

However, based on our review on over 100 posts published on different sites, we find that many of them are practically unreadable, and from which readers cannot get what they want. Concerning this issue, we list the following 5 tips to help you develop a content-rich site with high readability and wish you to become aware of them.

Keyword is the King to a Post

keywords optimizationKeyword is an absolutely necessary consideration before starting a post. Every article published on your website should include a target keyword with high monthly search. In this way, your posts are more likely to be searched by visitors on the searched engines and rank on the front page.

The most common used platform to hunt for a proper keyword is Google Adwords, on which you just need to type the preconceived words into the search and then pick out one of the results listed below with the highest monthly search. Make the tile and content cover this keyword and avoid keywords spamming.

Use Simple Words & Short Paragraphs

Readers always prefer to the sentences in popular and easy-to-understand language, consisting of many simple words. For the post which includes a lot of rarely used words, readers may have no patience to go into the bottom of this article any more. Thus, using the words as simple as possible is the key point to engage visitors.

Besides, the paragraph should be short and tidy and express the main idea clearly. At this point, you need to learn from the newspaper or some news sites because their editors are good at conveying the core meaning briefly, even in a single sentence. In this case, readers can catch the main idea quickly and clearly.

Check the Grammar Carefully

The grammar problem has been recognized as a big deal on SEO because search engines take unkindly to any grammar issue. Thus, if an article comes with a series of grammar problems, it is hard to get a high ranking. When writing a post, you should be careful about the syntax, wording, expression and structure. However, if you cannot find out the grammar issues by yourself, we suggest you to utilize some online grammar check tools, like Grammarly.
grammar check

Be Good at Illustrating

When explaining an item in the post, we suggest you to use some illustrations to make the explanation as vivid as possible. This is because the plain text always makes readers annoying so that they may stop reading the following words. And sometimes, words cannot demonstrate some specific information clearly.

To this problem, you need to be good at illustrating an article with the help of chart, table, or example. For instance, when comparing the prices of several products, you’d better display the price of each item in a table, from which readers can get the information with half an eye.

Use the Active Voice as Much as Possible

In general, people get used to writing a sentence in the sequence of subject + verb + object in English. It is also called active voice, which directly delivers the meaning of a sentence and makes it easier to get the main point. In the post, you should try to avoid using passive voice for it is not as coherent as the active one.