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Top domain option for companies

Because .company directly indicates companies and clearly shows your website is commercial, it is perfect for companies to register. Besides the meaning of companies, the word of company also means the state of being with someone, the people to accompany someone, and a band of people associated temporarily in some activity, so it is a new multipurpose TLD (top-level domain).


Perfect for companies

.company is built for a company's official website to visually display the feature of the website and enable users to understand the website is a commercial site at the very first sight. No matter your site is large or small, the .company can help you create a good image on the Internet. 

Wide scope of application 

Whether or not your website is commercial, or wahtever your business character is, .company is suitable for all. Also, it has the meaning of the state of being with someone, so the .company can be used for other purposes besides companies. 

Anyone can register 

Any company, organization and individual can register .company.