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EV Certificates

Extended Validated Certificates ( or EV SSL Certificates) give you a full protection of a website. It not only encrypts your website, but also comes with extra premium features to shows a green address bar in browser, which has proven to boost trust & clearly demonstrate the owner of the website.

Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV

  • EV , Single Domain Certificate
  • Non-wildcard SSL certificates
  • Issuance: 1-5 Days
  • Up to 256-bit encryption
$8999/ yr$12650/ yr 28.86% Off

Entrust EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

  • EV , Single Domain Certificate
  • Non-wildcard SSL certificates
  • Issuance: 1-5 Days
  • 2048-bit/3072-bit/4096-bit RSA & ECC encryption
$7250/ yr$7500/ yr 3.33% Off

DigiCert EV SSL Plus

  • EV , Multidomain Certificate
  • Non-wildcard SSL certificates
  • Issuance: 1-5 Days
$2999/ yr$8500/ yr 64.72% Off
Brand SSL Certificate Name Price (/yr) Warranty Issuance Time Green Address Bar

DigiCert EV SSL Plus

List Price:$8500
$1,000,000 1-5 Days Support

Entrust EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

An EV SSL certificate gives maximum trust to all of your domains.

List Price:$7500
$100,000 1-5 Days Support

Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV

The ultimate demonstration of your website’s worth & value – our #1 SSL certificate.

List Price:$12650
$1,750,000 1-5 Days Support

Symantec Secure Site with EV

Bolster the trust of your website with this premier SSL solution

List Price:$7950
$1,750,000 1~5 Days Support

Symantec EV Code Signing Certificates

The code signing certificates tailored to global developers and publishers.

List Price:$7155
$1,750,000 1-5 Days Support

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL

Secure multiple domains at the lowest price

List Price:$9650
$1,500,000 1-5 Days Support

Comodo EV SSL

Go beyond encryption: add trust to your website with the green address bar

List Price:$3100
$1,750,000 1~5 Days Support

GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV

Equip your site with the green address bar at a great value

List Price:$4850
$1,500,000 1~5 Days Support
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  • What is Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

    In the SSL/TLS market, Extended Validation (EV) Certificate is the Gold standard, or a green beacon. This kind of complete SSL solution not only can provide the encryption for the website to protect users’ information from being prying, but also has extra advanced function. EV certificate is able to strengthen the reliability of website so to fully prove the website is safe for assured transaction, above all of these owe the green address bar of EV certificate.

    The green address bar of EV certificate is able to strengthen the global recognition of website, which can effectively prove the website is not a malicious site or phishing site. However, not all website masters have access to EV certificate unless the website passes the audit of certificate issuing authority and is proven has a legitimate business. There is no better option than EV certificate for those have legitimate business and are aimed to get the same Internet reliability with those brand websites in the world.

    In the ages of Internet reliability which is glutted with great crisis and phishing websites existing everywhere, it is absolutely necessary to prove the identity to users if you are operating the legitimate business so that user will trust the websites with no doubt. After installing a EV certificate, not only HTTPS will be added before the website address, but also a clickable sign will appear besides the company URL as well as the URL will contain the key information of company such as the company name, address and the third-party you cosign. Above all, the address bar will become green to display the security signal to users. Green address bar is the security signal that is the most recognizable in the world, which is not limited by language, and users can recognize the reliability of your website easily. Purchasing EV certificate is an investment for your website and users’ information security.

    The Function of Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

    EV certificate has important effect on your website identity and whole image, which not only can protect your website security, but also can ensure the security of those visiting and transaction on the website, which is considered to be very important in the competitive e-commerce market.

    EV certificate is able to:

    How to Get an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate?

    The verification process of EV certificate is to avoid false companies and phishing websites. If your company is the legal and registered in your government, it is as easy as winking to get the EV certificate. After you purchasing EV certificate, there will be a verification process in which CA will verify your company and bustiness. And if you want to speed up, try to ensure all the information submitted are correct and consonant with the information submitted when registered. Besides, provide the most frequently used and published phone number. All the above mentioned makes it simple and rapid to pass the verification. If you have any questions about the EV certificate, Bisend will provide you the professional and timely advice to ensure the success of verification.

    The detailed verification information as bellow:

    Business Registry Information: registry through government

    Business operating age: business ages should be over 3 years, if no more than 3 years, CA will request the company to provide more materials

    Company address: the website must exist in entity company address

    Telephone number: telephone number of appliers will also be verified by CA