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1 WordPress Site

10GB SSD Disk Space

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50 Email Accounts

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WordPress Pro

FREE Domain for 1st Year

5 WordPress Sites

Unlimited SSD Disk Space

100K visits/mo

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WordPress Business

FREE Domain for 1st Year

Unlimited WordPress Sites

Unlimited SSD Disk Space

400K visits/mo

Unlimited Email Accounts

Free CDN

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BiSend WordPress Toolkit


With BiSend WordPress Toolkit, instant WordPress settings can be managed with just a few clicks.


WordPress Toolkit helps you to manage all aspects of WordPress, like plugins and themes.

High Security

Smart update and protection on WordPress analyzed by machine Learning-based AI.

Peace of mind

Tools to help on WordPress installation, upgrade, backup, recovery, anti-virus, and etc.

SSL Certificate

Paid SSL certificates can provide a variety of website encryption and identity authentication, so that corporate websites can effectively improve the user experience, and effectively prevent phishing and hijacking.

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SiteLock is the best tool to increase Cybersecurity with the powerful features like regularly website backup, malware removal, CMS auto patch, ssl certficates and more. Remote backup website data, daily monitoring, automatic email notification, website data one-click recovery and more to make your website management more secure and convenient.

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SiteLock Intelligent Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network) publishes the website Content to the edge node closest to the user, so that netizens can get the required Content nearby and effectively help the site to improve the speed of access.

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WordPress Hosting Q&A

What Is WordPress & Why Is It So Popular?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) solution. Originally created as a blog platform, WordPress has evolved into a powerful fully-fledged platform that has been powering 30% websites on the internet and 50%+ new websites are built on WordPress.

WordPress is a free open source software. In other words, anyone, from individuals to organizations and businesses, can access it. It can be used to build a wide range of projects, like blogs, news websites, as well as sophisticated eCommerce stores and communities.

You can extend WordPress functionality using lots of free or premium plugins and themes for various purposes. Even great, you can easily find ton of resources to help you out when you run into issues with WordPress.

What BiSend WordPress Toolkit Offer?

As a hosting optimized for WordPress, besides our hosting environment is 100% compatible with WordPress and make it run fast and secured, we also offer a set of WordPress toolkit to simplify the management of WordPress so you could focus on the business.

Some of the features of our tools are:WordPress auto-installation, WordPress migration tool to help you move WordPress from other web hosts to us, WordPress Backup and Recovery tool, WordPress stage environment to test your WordPress website and Content before release to public, WordPress smart upgrade tool, and the tool to clean up your WordPress site in case it's hacked.

To know all the detail of this tool, please check out  How to use BiSend WordPress Toolkit.

How to Choose My WordPress Hosting Package?

If you’re new to WordPress and want to build a blog for personal purposes, we highly recommend you go with our super fast WordPress hosting solutions. They are easy to use and deliver quite fast loading speed so you can take it as a perfect springboard to get your blog up and running.

As with your website outgrowing the shared web server, you can upgrade to one of our VPS hosting platform for more power and support. Or, if you don’t want to spend time on tedious management work of WordPress, We have fully managed WordPress hosting to meet your needs.

Can I Host Multiple Sites on One Hosting Account?

We support 5 websites under the same account if you sign up with our Pro Plan. If you are running more than 5 websites, our Business WordPress Hosting Plan is recommended, with which you can create unlimited WordPress websites.

You can choose to run a network of multiple WordPress sites from a single WordPress installation using WordPress’ Multisite feature or run them on separate WordPress installations. The former makes it faster to manage existing sites and roll out new sites because with only one MU installation can you update all or install new sites, plugins and themes at once. However, if you are managing a few websites and each with different functions, purposes, and goals, the latter method is recommended.

Why Should I Avoid Free WordPress Hosting?

There is no free lunch. A free hosting provider usually incorporates advertising into their service. More than that, their servers are heavily limited therefore you are not possible to accept a high volume of traffic. And since the ownership of the WordPress site is uncertain, you can get shut down overnight for whatever reason.

Why Not Free WordPress Hosting?

There is no free lunch. A free hosting provider usually incorporates advertising into their service. Besides, their servers are heavily limited, so you are not possible to accept a high volume of traffic. In addition, since the ownership of the WordPress site is uncertain, your site may be shut down overnight for whatever reason.

What Management Service Do You Offer for WordPress?

In addition to standard shared WordPress hosting, we have WordPress-optimized hosting platform managed by experts and provides you with pre-installed WordPress core, auto-updates, WP-CLI integration, free backups, etc. Thousands of premium WordPress themes and plugins are available to help you build a unique, beautiful website. Also, our 24/7/365 support team is available whenever you need help.

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