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Managed VPS Hosting with free SSD

Our state-of-art VPS hosting built using SSD storgae with free Plesk control panel on both Linux and Windows platform. This managed VPS include rich features, with which you can enjoy increased control over your server. Find out more why people are choosing Bisend VPS to host their website.

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Operating System:
Windows Server
Windows2012 Enterprise 64
CentOS-7.2 64
CentOS-7.2 64
CentOS-6.5 64
Ubuntu-16.04 64
Ubuntu-14.04 64
VPS Plans:
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VPS Features
Free SSL Certificate
  • All websites hosted in our VPS are protected with our free DV SSL certificates.
Automatic Backup & Restore
  • There is complete Import and export your website with one simple click. Schedulers are also available.
1-Click Script Installer
  • Quickly install apps like WordPress, Discusz, DedeCMS, Magento, Drupal and over 100 more. You will be able to access free site building tools like SitePro as well.
Intuitive Control Panel
  • Plesk offers simplified interface that adapts to various mobile devices including iPhone and Android. It also supports customized background skin.
Ready-to-Code Environment
  • Support for all popular web scripts including multiple version of PHP, ASP.NET (Windows server only), Perl, CGI-BIN and Java and more.
Traffic Statistics
  • Multiple website traffic analytics tools and detailed web access logs are available.
Easy Sever Management
  • Protect your web server with MagicSpam integration, Rootkit, DDoS protection, firewall settings, and more.
99.9% Uptime
  • Cloud technology, redundent network ensure you a high 99.9% uptime.
  • All your data are stored in a higly secured and reliable server.
Instant Scaling
  • Scale up hosting resources as per your needs. Pay as you use to avoid waste of corporate effort and cost.

Why Bisend VPS Hosting?

Bisend partner with Plesk to offer you highly secured and easy-to-used Managed VPS. We offer you a featured rich ready-to-code server environment, with which you can deploy your website without any issues. Our server also integrate with Git so that you can deploy your scripts easily.

Plesk is the only professional control panel which could run on both Linux and Windows, which means no matter what types of server you prefer, you could always enjoy the same user experience.

Bisend make managing VPS easily.

Bisend--You Best Site Building Assistant

Bisend is a global leader for one-stop site building service platform, offering a wide variety of products and services, and partnering with multiple industry-leading site building service providers.You can get a website or full online presence for your business easily and quickly at one place.

Bisend--You Best Site Building Mentor
  • What's VPS?

    VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a type of web hosting you could enjoy the full control over server but at a much low cost than Dedicated Server. It use vritualization technology (such as KVM) to virtualize a server for you over cloud infrastructure. It's reliable, affordable, and scalable, which means its the first choice of many website owner who need a more source than in a shared environment.

  • Why Managed VPS Hosting?

    Compared to unmanaged VPS hosting, managed VPS hosting comes with an in intuitive server management control panel, with which even an newbies could easily create and manage their website. Our professional server admin could also standby to help you resolve any server issues you might have. Managed VPS hosting is a hassle-free solution to webmasters.

  • Who Use VPS Hosting?

    Managed VPS hosting are widely use by business owners or webmasters who have a high traffic website. Actually, a lot of people starts from a baisc VPS and scale up when there is a need. By this way, people could claim all the permission on a server at an affordable price. In general, VPS could be used for websites like eCommerce, forum, enterprice website, high traffic blogs, and etc.

  • What to consider when purchasing VPS hosting?

    As with the rapid growth of VPS hosting providers, there is an increased competition in the market. Focusing more on the server configurations, especially the adoption of processors, seems of great importance to you. Besides, don't forget to check out their bandwidth, storage, customers support before buying.

  • What are the Advantage of VPS Hosting?

    VPS Hosting normally stand for high reliability, high security, and easy to scale. Compared shared web hosting, VPS give you more control over server. And its price is also much lower than a dedicated server. VPS is the hosting choice of most businesses.