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Built for Chinese

This is a new gTLD, having the same pronunciation to some Chinese characters, such as the three words meaning "net", "king", and "prosperous", which are all good meanings in China and favored by Chinese. With noticeable enterprise-website and portal orientation, .wang stands out of the crowd. Because of readability and being easier to remember, many Chinese websites choose .wang as the first option to register.

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Be favored by Chinese

Because .wang has the same pronunciation to some Chinese characters with good meangings, such as "net", "king", and "prosperous". These are preffered by Chiniese. Also, it is easy to remember and reconize in China, so .wang is regarded as the TLD built for Chinese. 

#3 global inventory

.wang is one of three new gTLD having more than 1 million of inventory in the world and the number of .wang regstered user ranks third in the world.  and now place in thrid. It is also the first new TLD offering public open registration, with the leading development speed!

Recordable domian in China 

.wang is onw of three new recondable TLD in global, so comparing with other new TLD, .wang is in the lead and has bright futuer in China.