About Us

Founded in 2011, BiSend is dedicated to offering high quality managed web hosting service to our customers by using industry leading technologies. The business is owned by Light Red Tech Co., Ltd, a company registered in London, with team in Los Angeles, Chicago, Hong Kong and China Mainland.

Unlike the other web hosts, BiSend is dedicated to help small businesses and individuals to be successful online. We offer managed hosting service, and optimize the server to various applications, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and etc. As a platinum partner of Plesk, all of service (both Linux and Windows platnform) are using Plesk as Control panel, which will bring our customer unique and consistent experience when using our hosting service. BiSend, an integrated online service sales platform, offers retails all the necessary features for website building. It aims at becoming users' website building manager, making the website building as simple as online shopping. It can provides a series of website building tools, including managed cloud hosting, domains, SSL certificates, and enterprise emails, to the world's users. No matter you are newbies or professionals, you can use BiSend's services to get your ideas online effortlessly!

Managed Cloud Hosting

BiSend partners Pleskm and Alibaba Cloud to offer Plesk managed cloud hosting. The world's leading Pleak control panel, coming with a visual interface, makes the cloud hosting easy to use and manage. So, you can easily and quickly manage your server and website, and get more time to focus on your own business.

SSL Certificates

BiSend and the world's top SSL certificate providers join hands to bring you the most recognized and cost-effective SSL certificates, from Symentac, Geotrust, Comodo, etc. BiSend also specifically designs SSL certificate plans for individuals, large and small enterprises, e-commerce, and financial websites.

Diverse Domian Services

BiSend offers a wide range od domain options. Our powerful domain serch function can quickly find the best domain and automatically recommend the seond best domain for you.

Cutting-Edge Support

BiSend's responsive 24/7 profesional team will offer you one-on-one support

Latest Technology

We have rich Internet service experience and deep insights into the network. Also, we offer you a wide range of excellent software to help you create a website easier.

Flexible Pricing

BiSend aims at desinging the best cheap pricing, offeering the most professional pre-sale services to make you easily choose righ configuration, while we prmise to deliver better features at cheaper prices.

Responsive 24x7 Support

We sincerely offer you the best professional sales surpport. Whenever and Whatever you encounter, BiSend's domain experts can sovle it as soon as possible, leaving you peace of mind.