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Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server come with powerful hardware which is dedicated to yourself. It's flexible and secured with full root access. With our multi datacenters glboally, Bisend Dedicated server will give your web projects the best performance at a cheap affordable price.


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Why Bisend Dedicated Server?

With the performance of whole web server, your website could run much faster and more secured, which will bring a better user experience to your visitors. Besides, all of our servers are protected with DDoS to ensure a high uptime.

To simply dedicated server management, Bisend partner with industry-leading panel providers such as cPanel and Pleks. Even you are a newbies to server technology, you could easily manage your website and server with great security.

Bisend make Dedicated Server affordable and secured.
  • What's Dedicated Server Hosting?

    Dedicated server is a type of hosting service with which you will be given with the whole server resource without sharing with any others. It's considered as the most powerful way to host websites. It's much more secured, faster , and more flexible than shared hosting, and VPS hosting.

    Dedicated server is the best for eCommerce website or high traffic websites, such as popular bloggers.

  • How can I manage a Deddicated Server?

    We offer our client root access so you could manage the server fully by your own. However, we also provide you with option to install cPanel on Linux server and Pleks on Windows server during subscriptions, with which you could setup and manage dedicated server easily.

  • Can I Upgrade my Exsiting Hosting to Dedicated Server?

    Dedicated Server is a new hosting service, and you cannot upgrade the service subscription from shared hosting or VPS hosting to dedicated server. However you could subscribe to dedicated server as a new service, and then use cPanel/Plesk to migrate websites to dedicated server.

  • What Data Centers I could Choose for My Dedicated Servers?

    As a global hosting leader, Bisend offer dedicated server service from multi countries to meet your business needs. Right now, we have data centers in US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt, Tokyo and more.

  • How Long to Setup a New Dedicated Server Account?

    If you subscribe to our standard dedicated server package, we normally could setup the server within 12 hours. However if you need to customize you server with different hardware (CPU, Memory, Disk and more), it might take longer time to setup the server.

  • Money Back Guarantee on Dedicated Server?

    There is no money back guarantee for monthly payment and 3 months payment. If you subscribe to our semi-yearly and yearly service, we allow for a refund in the first 30 days however the first month fee will be charged.