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Our Joomla hosting is one of the best in the industry. We will live up to the expectations of Joomla users who want to have a good start or find a great alternative to host their Joomla website.


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  • Easy Joomla Installation
    Joomla 1-click installer in our Plesk control panel is a great tool which you can use to create a Joomla website without coding skills required.
  • Fast Speed
    SSD, or solid state drives, can deliver the faster delivery of your content to visitors. Our Joomla Hosting users will have free access to SSD drives.
  • Free SSH Access
    We offer SSH access to all our Joomla Hosting users for the easier website administration.
  • suPHP Security
    suPHP execute PHP script under the identity of specific users, which can better protect you from security vulnerabilities.
  • 30-Day Money Back
    With the confidence to guarantee your satisfaction, we are in support for no-question-asked refund during the first 30 days.
  • 24/7 Expert Joomla Support
    Our Joomla expert support team stand by 24*7. And we are always responsive to the requests from email, ticket, and live chat.
  • Which Joomla Hosting plan do you recommend?

    There are at a total of 3 Joomla hosting solutions you can choose from Bisend. Before the purchase of Standard, Pro, or Business, you should figure out the amount of server resources you need for Joomla Hosting. Also, the choice is related to your business type.

    • People who want to run a single Joomla website are advised to choose Standard plan.
    • Inspired the desire to create multiple websites, people should consider Pro plan to be the best choice.
    • We recommend Business plan to people who need abundant server resources to run their eCommerce websites.
  • What benefits I can get from Joomla Hosting?

    Joomla, a PHP-based content management system, has a great popularity among webmasters on a global scale. The user-friendliness and flexibility are the main reasons why this open source platform has 3+ million followers. Below are more details for the benefits of using Joomla CMS for your website.

    • Easy to set up: With the help of a 1-clik installer, Joomla can be used as CMS with ease.
    • Vibrant websites: Regardless of your business scale, medium sized websites or biggies, Joomla will deliver a good impression that your websites are full with vigor and vitality.
    • High Flexibility: Classified into languages, communication, managements, and more, thousands of extensions are available for you. The ratings for each extension will help you pick up the best ones for your websites.
    • Open source infrastructure: PHP is the web scripting language for the creation of Joomla. Developers will find it much easier to extend the functionality of Joomla.
    • SEO optimization: Joomla comes with a built-in Basic SEO functionality and allows you to custom meta keywords, meta description, and more. Thus, Joomla is optimized for the higher rankings.
    • User-friendliness: Joomla doesn't require users to have a deep understanding of programming language. The available plugins, themes, and more are enough to create any website. The less time and fewer efforts are required to create desired Joomla websites.
  • How to make a choice between data centers?

    We use two data centers to host our servers: Hong Kong and Chicago. During the checkout process, you are allowed to select the data center location. In a word, the choice is up to where your main audience comes from. The shorter distance between your server and audience will result in the shorter server response time and faster user experience.

  • How does Bisend enhance Joomla Hosting security?

    Using suPHP to execute PHP script, we can improve the security level of your Joomla websites. We are also sensitive to the most recent version for software so that you can work with the latest security patches. In addition, network is under our 24/7 monitoring and the most secure firewall are used.

  • What is the first choice for Joomla Hosting support?

    When keeping in touch with us, you can start a live chat, submit a ticket, or send an email. Live chat is best for those who want to get the most responsive technical support. But there are some instances where you need to describe complex issues. In this case, ticket and email should be your first choices. Irrespective of communication channels, we always try to be as responsive as possible.

    On the other hand, we have the aim to develop a more extensive online help center. Therefore, some common Joomla related questions can be answered without a waste of time.

  • How often do you backup my Joomla websites?

    Indeed, there are many potential threats to data security when you are running a Joomla website. To help you avoid losing data, we provide backup services on a regular basis. In detail, the daily differential backups and weekly full backups work together to fight against power outages, attacks, etc.

  • Are your free SSL certificates shared or private?

    Though some web hosts do provide free SSL, the shared SSL cannot protect potential customers from the fear of private information leakage.

    However, we include private SSL into Joomla Hosting so that you can use your own name. And we put no limits on the number of SSL certificates for your domains and subdomains. Frankly speaking, those who deal with online transactions should earn the trust from potential customers with private SSL.

    Certainly, there is no doubt that our affordable commercial SSL certificates can best secure the online transactions on Joomla websites.