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Magento Hosting

Need a Magento Hosting for eCommerce? Bisend offer one of the best web hosting for Magento website with free SSD storage, high performance, free SSL certificate, Plesk control panel and more. We are your best hosting choice on Magento.


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  • Easy Installation
    No coding skills are required for the installation of Magento. Our 1-click application installer will simplify the process to install Magento to the largest extent.
  • 99.9% Uptime
    Your Magento Hosting account will be loaded on our premium servers with free SSD drives, your choice of data center, and more.
  • High Security
    A great many security related measures have been taken to protect you from becoming the next victim to suffer a lot from malicious attacks.
  • Plesk Control Panel
    Plesk offer you an icon-base control panel to manage Magento website, files, database, domains, emails, and etc easily.
  • 24/7 Technical Support
    Live chat, ticket, email, and knowledge base are the support methods which you can use to access our technical support at any time.
  • 30 Days Money Back
    When terminating your account within the first 30 days, you will receive a refund without questions asked.
  • What is Magento?

    Magento, an open source platform, is written in PHP for e-commerce website owners. It is a fact that Magento was released in the year of 2008. But on a global scale, thousands of merchants are now using Magento for the business management. The user-friendly platform and easy integration contribute a lot to the great popularity in the market.

  • What are the reasons to use Magento?

    Promotional and marketing tools are available for you to create a more popular website. With the combination of product catalog and wish list, Magento is perfect for you to run a business that seeks profits. And with the use of Google Analytics, you can keep track of customer behavior and regulate marketing strategies timely.

    Thanks to the powerful SEO engine, Magento is beneficial to people who want to better know the changes in customer preference. With the provision of an eCommerce script, Magento can bring more traffic to your website. In fact, there are more possibilities Magento gives to improve your search engine rankings.

    Customers are allowed to narrow the scope for the desired products with their choices of style, price, etc. Also, it is possible for you to update the inventory and add new products with Magento. Therefore, customers can be engaged in your business through their accounts.

  • How to choose server location for Magento Hosting?

    We offer two options for you to choose server location. The USA-based data center is more suitable for whose main audience comes from North America. And the data center in Hong Kong should be the better choice for those who target at Asia market. Then your server will be more responsive to the requests. So there is the need to figure out the target audience before the choice of server location.

  • What is the first choice for Magento Hosting support?

    We have prepared a Help Center where you can consult the most common Magento related questions. Sometimes, much quicker solutions will exist from the search results among the online resources. It doesn't matter when you find no solutions, because our real-person technical support is available at all hours of the day and night through multiple communication channels.

  • What features can I have with Magento and Bisend?

    OMagento comes with rich features and offers an easy way to customize your website. Powered by our premium servers, audience on your website will have a fast shopping experience. Also, Magento's security features and our reliable servers work together to deliver a reliable user experience. Therefore, the success to run an eCommerce website is the result of joint efforts by Magento and Bisend.

    There is also a fact that we offer much room for your eCommerce website to grow. Going with the more advanced plan is necessary for the websites with rich media and heavy traffic.

  • How often do you backup my hosting account?

    Given many potential threats to your website, we are on the alert for your data security. We create a daily backup copy of the changes and a weekly backup copy of all your data. Therefore, we can protect you from data loss should anything unexpected happen to your website.

  • Are the free SSL certificates shared or private?

    We are different from some other web hosts who only provide free shared SSL. It should be a common sense that public still won't have trust in your eCommerce website with shared SSL. With Bisend, there is no need to pay extra fees for the use of unlimited private SSL certificates. Of course, commercial SSL certificates, which are priced at a low level, will meet the higher requirements for security.

  • Do you offer free migration service?

    It is appreciated to correct the error you have made before. And we value the arrival of all the new customers to Bisend. No matter when you have the need, we have Magento Hosting experts transfer your website. During the process, extra fees and downtime won't be the issues which get in your way to have a new start with Bisend.