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Drupal Hosting

With the aim to be the best Drupal Hosting provider, Bisend never stops the steps to deliver a super-easy, reliable, and fast user experience. On the shared server, a Drupal website is just one click away from the intuitive interface in Plesk.


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  • Fast Drupal Hosting
    Our data centers are reconfigured with uninterrupted power system, SSD drives, etc. We claim to deliver 99.9% uptime and fast server response time.
  • 100% Drupal Compatible
    There are no compatibility issues with Drupal. We can meet the Drupal system requirements with the support of PHP 5.6+, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2 MySQL 5.5+, etc.
  • High Security
    Free SSL certificate and suPHP work together to protect your Drupal site and make it highly secured.
  • Plesk Control Panel
    We bring you convenience to manage sites, domains, files, and more with the integration of Plesk, one of the most popular control panels in the market.
  • 30-Day Money Back
    We provide a satisfactory refund with no questions asked, when you want to terminate your Drupal hosting account within 30 days.
  • 24/7 Technical Support
    Well-trained to be knowledgeable about Drupal related issues, our support team is 24/7 available for you via live chat, email, and ticket.
  • What is the best plan for Drupal Hosting users?

    Linux shared web hosting is the recommended hosting service which comes with much room to build a Drupal website. Standard, Pro, and Business are three shared hosting solutions in different sizes.

    • Standard is designed for those who want to build a single website.
    • Pro is the first choice for those who want to host multiple websites on one account.
    • Business is the most advanced plan which can best satisfy the need for eCommerce websites.
  • What benefits can Drupal Hosting bring?

    WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are all the content management systems which have a large user base. There is no denying the user-friendliness of these CMSs. But an attention should be paid that Drupal requires users to acquire some technical skills or to have a professional team. Below are the main benefits of choosing Drupal as your CMS.

    • Unlike the former two options which are best suited for a particular purpose, Drupal is much more powerful for the creation of different types of websites. With the Drupal's versatility, you are able to be a blogger, a shopkeeper, or more.
    • Drupal websites are often faster when compared to WordPress and Joomla websites.
    • Featured with high security level, Drupal is often the best choice for governments and enterprise level businesses.
    • Drupal constantly keeps pace with the latest Internet technologies.
  • How to choose between data centers for my Drupal website?

    At present, the server loading your account can be located in USA or Hong Kong. The choice you are going to make should be on the basis of your main audience. For example, you should choose the US-based data center when targeting at American users. The distance is shortened between your server and visitors, which results in the shorter server response time and faster page loading speed.

  • What efforts did you make to improve Drupal hosting speed?

    All the Drupal websites are hosted on our SSD servers. And there are no extra fee for the utilization of SSD drives which are 3x faster than normal drives. This is the exclusive advantage what Bisend has over many other competitors. Of course, the efforts are much more than this.

  • What is the first choice for Drupal Hosting support?

    Our online help center is the best place for the removal of the most common errors. A search bar is available for you to find solutions with ease. We will always work hard to enrich the online resources in our help center. For the real-time support, live chat is the most effective communication channel in comparison with email and ticket system.

  • How often do you provide backup services for Drupal Hosting?

    Data loss remains a concern in the course of running a Drupal website. With rich hosting experience, we do have a good understanding of this concern. The Bisend backup services are on the daily basis for the differences and on the weekly basis for all the data. Then the data restoration is possible with Bisend no matter what time it is.

  • Are the free SSL certificates shared or private?

    Indeed, there are some web hosts who only provide free SSL. But the free SSL certificates they offer are shared, which cannot earn the trust from the public. But Bisend allows you to use your own name with the provision of private SSL. At the same time, the number of SSL certificates is unlimited. Thus SSL can be enabled on all the domains and subdomains.

    To improve the security level of your Drupal websites, you can also find affordable commercial SSL certificates from Bisend.

  • Do you offer free migration service?

    The answer is "Yes", because all the new comers into Bisend are welcomed. The free website transfer reflects our appreciation for the high trust from customers. Our Drupal experts will be responsible for the migration of your Drupal hosting account with the minimum downtime.

  • Can I resell Bisend Drupal Hosting?

    We don't limit your freedom to resell Bisend Drupal hosting. The consideration is to satisfy our users as much as possible. With our Drupal resller hosting, you are also able to be a web hosting provider. Starting from $19.95/mo, our reseller hosting is rich-featured, reliable, and fast. The size of each hosting plan is according to your own requirements.