Best Drupal SEO Module to Improve Site Search Rankings


By using the best Drupal SEO modules, you are able to improve the search rankings of your Drupal site easily, just like using the best WordPress SEO plugins and Joomla Plugins to make your WordPress site and Joomla site more search engine friendly. However, due to the numerous options from and other third-party providers, it is not easy for most people to find the best items. Therefore, we have selected some of the best options after reviewing hundreds of Drupal SEO modules.

Each of the selected modules is widely used by a great amount of Drupal users all over the world. In addition, they are becoming more and more popular. In below, we have listed the main information about these best items. Now,  learn the details and make clear why they are the best.

SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist uses the best practices of Drupal SEO to check that whether the Drupal site is proper for search engine optimization and breaks the tasks down into functional needs. If you understand basics of SEO well and run many different websites, this module is exactly what you need. In addition, this module keeps track of the things have been done but does not do anything to change your site.
Best SEO Module - SEO Checklist

Drupal SEO Pack

Drupal SEO Pack is a sandbox project, including experimental code for developer use and allowing users to control over some of the most common but important SEO aspects of their sites flexibly. With this item, users can get better rankings in search engines via using the best SEO practices. Main highlights of Drupal SEO Pack are control of granular page title and more duplicate content, better pagination title tags, ability to add other Nofollow rules, and import/export function.
Best Drupal SEO Module - Drupal SEO Pack

SEO Compliance Checker

The SEO Compliance Checker checks the node content on search engine optimization upon its creation or modification. No matter when a publisher saves or previews a node, this module starts to check the content. After checking the content, it gives the publisher a feedback on the compliance of the rules. In addition, this module has the ability to gather the information about the existing SEO checks in other modules.
Best Drupal SEO Module - SEO Compliance Checker

Search 404

Search 404 has been selected in the collection of the top 100 Drupal modules and performs a search on the keywords in the URL. This module includes search engine keywords detections and regular expression based on term filtering from the URL. Moreover, this item supports 404 searches via Apache Solr Search module, searching via Google CES, custom search using custom paths, and much more.
Best Drupal SEO Module - Search 404

Drupal SEO Friend

Drupal SEO Friend can be used along the existing Drupal SEO modules to make them more effective. However, it doesn’t replace functionality in the SEO Checklist and SEO Compliance Checker. What’s more, to help users improve the search rankings of their websites, this module comes with many reports features, including main report, meta tags nodes report, meta tags path report, page title report, referrer report and hooks. In addition, it is integrated with nodeword settings, nodeword_bypath settings, page_title settings, pathauto settings and content type settings.
Best Drupal SEO Module - Drupal SEO Friend


To do well in SEO will need a lot of effort, and above are some modules you could leverage to ease your tasks. Besides, one reliable and fast Drupal hosting solutions plays an important role in SEO, and that’s what could offer. If you need one, don’t forget to check what we have.