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The best web hosting service for Node.js. Your application will be hosted in fast and scalable servers with 100% SSD storage, plesk control panel and free SSL certificate. BiSend Node.js hosting is optimized to run Node.js fast, reliably and securely.


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  • Developer Friendly
    We ensure the latest versions of Node.js and other scripts like PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.6, and etc to help you benefit from the latest technology.
  • Easy Management
    Plesk Onyx makes managing your Node.js applications really simple. Its Node.js extension allows you to add a Node.js application with just a few clicks.
  • High Performance
    With two world-class data center facilities, cutting-edge SSD-powered servers and a rock solid network infrastructure, our Node.js hosting is extremely fast.
  • 30-Day Money Back
    Give our blazing fast Node.js hosting service a try. We have 30 days refund policy to guarantee risk-free experience.
  • Anti-Virus
    All our Node.js server are deployed with Anti-virus protection system which will ensure your site away from hacking.
  • 24*7 Expert Support
    Our well-trained support team members are experienced in both hosting and Node.js. Feel free to contact us on Live Chat, Email and more, around the clock.
  • What Is Node.js?

    Node.js is an open source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for deploying smartphone and tablet applications. With utilization of a non-blocking approach to serving requests, Node.js significantly reduces latency and improves throughput. And NPM—a world’s leading ecosystem of open source library—contributes to much of the Node.js’ utility.

    The JavaScript-based platform was first introduced for Linux and MacOS in 2009, as an alternative to Apache HTTP Server; and in 2011, a native Windows version of Node.js was launched. With the arrival and continuous improvements of Node.js, there is an increasing number of developers relying on the event-driven platform to create fast applications like chat servers, upload systems, and more.

  • Where Node.js Can Be Used?

    The biggest strength of Node.js is that developers are enabled to use the same language on the entire stack. Due to that, they can easily understand what’s going on on the other side and make changes if necessary. This is the reason why Node.js is mainly used on the back-end, while remaining popular as a front-end and full-stack solution.

  • Can I Host A Node.js Application on Windows Platform?

    Yes, sure. Node.js runs on various platforms, including Linux 32-bit/64-bit, Mac OSX v10.9.2, as well as Microsoft Windows 2008R2/Windows 2012 for 64-bit applications for Node.js versions 0.12.0 and higher. That is, if you want to run a Node.js app with other applications written in PHP or .NET through IIS, you can feel free to go with a Windows hosting service.

  • Shared vs. VPS vs. Dedicated server, How to Choose?

    Many developers are wondering if Node.js is not recommended to host on a shared web server because many web hosting services don’t have Node.js support. But this is an illusion. Since Node.js is comparatively “younger in age”, these hosting providers haven’t remodeled their shared servers for this service.

    However, if you’re looking to run your Node.js applications in a private environment or want to make use of the full capacity of Node.js, you’ll probably need a VPS or dedicated server solution. Usually, VPS or dedicated hosting don't set a limit as to how many instances you can add and you can control your applications separately.

  • Why BiSend is the Best Node.js Hosting?

    Firstly, upon sign up with BiSend Node.js hosting service, you can leverage the power of the Node.js extension in our Plesk Panel, adding a Node.js application to your website in simple clicks. We have multiple version of Node.js installed in our server already so you have no need to worry about compatible issues. Besides, we also offer you tools to start, stop, or restart the application, install node.js NPM packages, configure node.js, and etc.

    Secondly, BiSend has ultra-reliable Node.js hosting environment. In addition to two state-of-the-art data centers in Chicago, United States and Hong Kong, China, we utilize the most innovative SSD technology, Dual Core Intel Xeon processors, and Tier-1 bandwidth carriers to make sure the fastest possible speed experience.

    Finally, our helpful and friendly 24*7 support staffs are ready to address any question instantly. Whether you are just looking to get started with Node.js or an experienced developer in this area for years, we promise fast response to your concerns so that you can get your Node.js applications up and running quickly.

    Sign up now to get benefit of Node.js hosting on the highly reliable servers operated by BiSend!