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Code Signing£© Certificates

Code signing certificates could be used to protect your software and application which are downloaded online. This certificate could confirm the original owner of a software, and also alert users if the codes are changed without the approval from the owner.

Symantec Code Signing Certificate

  • OV , Multidomain Certificate
  • Non-wildcard SSL certificates
  • Issuance: 1~3 Days
  • 40-bit to 256-bit encryption
$3299/ yr$4550/ yr 27.49% Off

Comodo Code Signing

  • OV , Multidomain Certificate
  • Non-wildcard SSL certificates
  • Issuance: 1-3 Days
  • 32-bit or 64-bit encryption
$1499/ yr$2600/ yr 42.35% Off

Symantec EV Code Signing Certificates

  • EV , Multidomain Certificate
  • Non-wildcard SSL certificates
  • Issuance: 1-5 Days
$5999/ yr$7155/ yr 16.16% Off
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Symantec Code Signing Certificate

Protect your code with the most trusted name in web security

List Price:$4550
$1,500,000 1~3 Days Not Support

Symantec Code Signing Certificate Individual

Shrink-wrap your code & content for safe online distribution

List Price:$3680
$1,500,000 1~3 Days Not Support

Symantec EV Code Signing Certificates

The code signing certificates tailored to global developers and publishers.

List Price:$7155
$1,750,000 1-5 Days Support

Comodo Code Signing

Protect your code with the use of digital signatures from a highly respected brand.

List Price:$2600
N/A 1-3 Days Not Support
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  • What is code signning certificates?

    Code signing certificates are a useful tool that can be used to protect your code, content, and other files when transmitted online. Understandably, people are leery of downloading any applications that they can’t trust onto their computers, which is why code signing certificates are so valuable. By signing your file extension with this encryption technology, a third party Certification Authority (CA) will confirm you as the author of the file and the certificate will automatically alert the user if any changes are made to the code. That way you don’t have to worry that someone has altered your work without your knowledge.

    Code Signing Benefits

    Code signing certificates work by giving your content a unique digital fingerprint. When you request this encryption technology, the CA provides you with a private key to retain for your use and a public key to distribute to users. The keys confirm your signature, verify that nothing has been changed, and allow access to designated users.

    Why sign your code?

    Secure all your code

    Code signing certificates are widely used throughout the industry among some of the heavy hitters in software technology. Microsoft, JavaSoft, Adobe, and Apple all rely on this encryption tool. Plus, code signing certificates can be used to sign just about every file format you can think of, including .exe, .ocx, .xpi, .msi, .dll, and .cab, among others. If you need to transmit code online and you want to be sure that no one makes any changes or exploits your source material, this is the tool for you. It gives you peace of mind that once your work is published online it isn’t being altered by shady individuals and gives consumers confidence that they can download your file and not worry about being inundated with malware and viruses.