How to Install Your Own SSL Certificate?


You may already have an SSL certificate before  hosting from us. In this case, you can also apply for a hosting solution and install your own SSL certificate to protect your websites hosted with us. Now, learn how to do it.

Before reading the following contents, here are two points you need to pay attention to:

  • 1.A dedicated IP is necessary to install an SSL certificate. Non-Business Plan users should pay for a dedicated IP from us.
  • 2.You will be charged a corresponding fee for the installation of an external SSL certificate.

To make sure the SSL installation process goes smoothly, you are supposed to provide correct information to us, here are some classic cases.

Case 1

The existing SSL is restored on the server of the previous hosting provider. In this case, you need to ask the previous hosting provider to export the SSL from their server and send it to us. We will import it into our server and bind it with your site.

Case 2

You’d like to buy a SSL yourself from third-party SSL products seller (Namecheap for an example). Or you already purchased a SSL product at Namecheap but don’t get the SSL certificate from them yet. In this case, please contact us and ask for a CSR file, which will be used by Namecheap to generate the SSL certificate.

Case 3

You already purchased an SSL product at Namecheap and also got the SSL certificate from them. Usually, the SSL certificate you get should be a CRT file. You are supposed to import the CRT file into the specified server or machine where you generated the related CSR file. And then, please export a PFX file from the server or machine and then send them to us.